Last week I felt the need to burn some information on to DVD and having just recently formatted my hard drive and installed Vista I found that I didn’t have any recording software apart from the fairly basic functionality built in to Windows. Thinking this wasn’t a problem I headed to the Ahead website ( to obtain the latest version of the popular CD/DVD burning software Nero only to be greeted with a fairly hefty 190mb download.

I do have a fairly fast connection so such a download wouldn’t have taken a particularly long period of time but despite what anyone may say 190mb is a stupidly large download for a piece of recording software, no matter how good it may be.When you add to the equation the cost of Nero I went off in search of a suitable alternative and found it in the form of the completely free, 3mb piece of software that is Deepburner (

Whenever I recommend a piece of software I always get a handful of insults from readers who head off to the website, see a version of the software you have to pay for and then accuse me of lying – This happens whenever I mention AVG which is available in both paid for and free versions.For this reason I will point out that there is both a free and paid version of Deepburner available on the website given above so please ensure that you download the correct one.

The download and installation of Deepburner couldn’t be simpler and whilst the features that it offers are fairly simplistic they should be sufficient for most home users.In terms of the basic functionality you have the option to burn to create Data CD’s, Bootable CD’s, Audio CD’s and Data DVD’s as well as printing the appropriate labels for your discs.

One of the most important features is the ability to create and burn ISO images which even the most recent version of Windows can’t do as standard.ISO images are typically downloaded off the Internet (off Torrent sites for example) as they are entire discs compressed in to one file which is then downloaded and uncompressed on to a disc making the copying of software particularly straightforward.Of course you need to ensure that you’re not downloading copyrighted software off the Internet but that goes without saying.

Whilst you’re on the Deepburner site do check out Deepripper which is another free piece of software which allows you to quickly and easily rip (copy) audio tracks directly off your audio CD’s on to your PC’s hard disk in MP3, OGG or WAV format.Whilst Windows media player has this functionality I do feel that Deepburner does a cleaner, faster job.

Deepburner is compatible with all versions of Windows so this is particularly good news for people still stuck using an older version of Windows such as 95 or 98 which doesn’t support CD writing without the need for additional software.Whilst the program in no way replaces more sophisticated programs such as Nero it does cover all the basics and once again proves you don’t necessarily need to pay for good quality, capable software.



About the Author – Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.