Duty Free Perfume

How fast the last year appears to have gone; It seems only weeks ago that I was looking forward to the start of summer and as I sit here, Christmas is looming just around the corner with barely a month left until the big day and although I have no idea how many shopping days that equates to, I’m sure that at least one of you has been bored enough to sit down and work it out already.

I thought that a good idea over the next couple of weeks would be to recommend sites that could be of help to you when buying presents for loved ones as there are plenty of savings to be made online.One such site I stumbled across recently after feeling absolutely fleeced by shopping for aftershave in Torquay is www.dutyfreeperfume.co.uk.

Although the site name is fairly misleading (after all, I’m sure that customs and excise would be interesting in a site that was commercially selling duty free fragrances), it is still definitely worth a visit.The site itself is split into five sections – ‘Female fragrances’, ‘Male fragrances’, ‘Female bargains’, ‘Male bargains’ and ‘Cosmetics & Skincare’ and I’m sure by this point you’re not having to much difficulty with guessing the gist of this online store. The site allows you to browse 100’s of fragrances with fairly significant savings off the high street prices with free delivery to all UK addresses.That in itself is fair enough but the area of the site that interested me the most was the bargains section which offered unboxed fragrances with huge savings off the standard price.These products sold are unused, full sized sample products and although it was my understanding that these samples should not be resold, the site does have relationships with many perfume houses so I’m sure everything is above board.

I haven’t yet bought anything from them, primarily because I would feel extremely guilty walking into Debenhams, trying out all their testers on myself until I found the one I wanted and then leaving to buy it on the Internet; it just seems like an extremely tight-fisted thing to do however if you do already have something in mind that you like the scent of then this site would be perfect for making a purchase.

I’m going to leave off reviewing the cosmetics side of the site as to be perfectly honest with you, makeup isn’t my forte.They did seem to have a large number of products online however and even if you make savings of only a couple of pound per product and save yourself the hassle of going into town then surely it must be worth it?

About the Author – Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.