Freeware Files

I have featured a number of sites in the past which offer free downloads of fantastic utilities and assorted pieces of software.Unfortunately such sites often contain software which is simply trial versions or shareware rather than completely free of charge which makes finding the completely free goodies slightly more difficult.

Recently I came across the site which has an absolutely huge selection of files that are completely free and delimited.These programs will not ever ask for money or expire after a certain period of time whilst still being legal which is the way that I like any piece of software to be.

There’s not a huge amount that I can actually comment on when it comes to the site itself as the layout is a pretty standard affair but the quality of the files is what sets it out from other sites on the Internet.Online we have simply thousands of files that can be viewed by the most downloaded, highest rated, title, date, category and additionally you can choose to search the files on the site by a particular keyword.The site doesn’t suffer from pop-ups or intrusive adverts but they simply make their money by participating in a Google AdSense scheme like the one that I featured in Click last week.

Additional features include a number of free articles and ‘how to’ features along with the option to sign up for a monthly newsletter with a selection of editor picks and new additions to the site.

As mentioned above the most important thing for a site like this isn’t the layout or the interface but ultimately the quality of the files that it hosts which is where Freeware Files excels. A selection of the completely free files that caught my eye follows below – I have been careful only to feature programs that haven’t ever featured in Click before.

TV 2.0 – A program designed to allow the user to search for and view TV stations LIVE from around the world.I’m quite impressed by this program so would imagine that it will get a review in Click in the near future.

CDBurnerXP Pro – This is a quite capable piece of software that whilst will not be of interest to those of us lucky enough to be using Nero will be a worthwhile utility for those who currently only use the CD writing utilities built into Windows XP.

ABC Video Roll – Whilst not particularly powerful this utility is designed to allow you to easily mix video clips with special effects, transactions, morphs and so on.

Eraser – This utility allows you to permanently remove sensitive data from your hard drive so that it cannot be recovered by file undelete utilities like the ones I have covered previously in Click.

ImageForge – An extremely small but capable image converter capable of converting images or manipulating them with the use of special effects tools and filters.

To summerise, check out – It won’t cost you a penny and I would be extremely surprised if after five minutes of looking around you didn’t find some piece of software that will soon become indispensable to you.

About the Author – Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.