News Sites

At the time of writing we’ve just started engaging Iraq in military action and with the majority of our population interested in how our soldiers are doing or what Saddam Hussein is up to, accurate up to date information is more important to us now than ever.Of course the Internet was designed to assist the exchange of information and years from its conception it still aids us with this particularly well and some of the busiest pages over the coming weeks will be the Internet news sites as people check out what is happening from their desks at work or studies at home.

For those with Digital TV such sites will not play such an important role in keeping up to date with current events because of the proliferation of 24 hour news channels that they’ll have access to, but if you still only have the traditional four channels then it is likely that at some point you may want to get a more up to date report on what’s happening without having to wait for the 10 o’clock news to come on.

We do luckily have a good choice of sites to choose from here in the UK all with very good in depth content that is on most occasions both educational and informative – Lets take the BBC news site for example which can be found at It does of course have all basic material that you’d expect such as a summary of the current days events but indeed it also goes a lot deeper than that by offering a number of other features which many people aren’t aware of.You can for example watch live video and audio feeds from the BBC news channels and radio stations which are streamed straight from the website.In addition, the reports on matters of interest are often extremely detailed and articles written by BBC correspondents are published on a broad range of subjects which offers a more subjective viewpoint to a particular event.As you’d also imagine, there is up to the minute travel information and weather forecasting which goes in to far greater detail than either the papers or the news channels would do.

One of the other major news sites is Sky News which you can get to by heading to the rather predicable address of and also Reuters which is located at the three sites I’ve mentioned so far, you have access to sister sites based in other counties or indeed you could just head to a site specifically targeted towards a population other than the British so by heading to you could have a look at the viewpoint of the American Media; this gives you an interesting perspective that different countries give on matters affecting our world.

The sites are all interactive so there is also the ability for you to contribute your own opinions on specific issues or vote on issues that matter to you and yet another nice feature of most of them is the webcams that they have situated around the country that allow you to take just a small glimpse in to what’s happening.

I’d personally say that the online news sites have negated the need for me to buy a paper every morning as rather having to pay to read out of date news, we now all have access to bang up to date information with videos, audio clips completely free of charge.Although what I’ve talked about today is pretty much bread and butter information, I believe that many of my readers underestimate the wealth of information that is available to you all completely free of charge.


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