I’ve had a fair few readers over the past couple of months comment that I haven’t yet got around to reviewing a dial up Internet accelerator service known as OnSpeed.There is a simple reason for this; I always assumed that the service would have to be a rip off as surely the speed gains you could hope to get on dial up from a piece of software would be extremely limited.

After having read a number of good reviews for the product on the Internet as well as speaking to several of my customers who have had good experiences I thought it would be worthwhile taking a look at this piece of software for myself


Internet Speed improvers have traditionally simply tweaked a couple of Internet dial up settings here and there for a small speed benefit whereas in comparison OnSpeed uses data compression to compress the size of the website before it is sent to you.Then the software on the users computer decompresses this data and as we all know, smaller downloads result in faster speed.


The performance gains you are likely to experience vary depending on the type of data that you are downloading; for example web pages made of text and pictures can experience a considerable speed increase whereas if you were downloading files that are already compressed (zip files for example) then the speed increases will be minimal.You can decide how aggressive you want the compression to be; for example you can sacrifice image quality for speed increase or choose to take modest speed increases in exchange for minimal loss of quality.

The software doesn’t do much to improve streaming media or sites heavily laden with technologies like Flash.

Ease of use

Pretty much everything you need to do has been already set up for you; you simply have to select whether it is switched on or not and how much compression you wish to apply.This is controlled by a slide bar along with a graphical representation of how it is likely to affect your images.

Value for money

There is little point pretending this is a suitable replacement for broadband because the speed increases are no where near what you’d get from having broadband installed.However priced at £24.99 for theyear it is a good buy for those who can’t get broadband, can’t afford it or simply don’t want the hassle.

To summarize, Broadband has many benefits. It’s always on and will always be faster than dial-up whatever you are looking at on the Internet.OnSpeed can’t live up to this however for the money it is certainly a worthwhile investment for those who don’t have Broadband.

About the Author – Chris Holgate works for Refresh Cartridges who supply a wide range of printer cartridges at the UK’s lowest prices.