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Computer Viruses

Following on from last weeks article relating to potential threats to your children when it comes to them using the Internet, I thought I would continue the theme of Internet safety by identifying one of the key areas that could affect your computer on the web; Viruses.

In order to get a better understanding of what people consider to constitute a virus, I looked the word up in a dictionary and discovered the meaning for an organic based virus or viruses is as follows.

‘Viruses - Viruses do not respire, nor do they display irritability; they do not move and nor do they grow; however, they do most certainly reproduce, and may adapt to new hosts.’

Now to compare that definition to the computer style of virus, the last statement is certainly the most important – ‘They do most certainly reproduce and may adapt to new … Read the rest

Net Monitoring Software

For many parents, the Internet is seen as good for benefiting the education of their children, a way for them to get use of a computer and a helpful tool used to look up information needed for homework assignments.

However, many also stop to consider the quality and suitability of the material that their children can potentially have access to.You may remember in the news last month that an American attorney was arrested for using chat rooms on the Internet to solicit sex from minors or the small percentage of children that claim to know how to make bombs and other weapons based on information found on the Internet.Too make things worse, it isn’t just all pornography and violent viewpoints, there is also a large amount of racial and ethnic abuse, all of which I find unlikely that you would want them having easy access to.

Don’t worry too much Read the rest