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Online Auctioning

I remember back when Click was making it’s first steps in the Herald around 3 months ago that I covered the subject of safe shopping on the Internet using sites such as that employed high amounts of encryption to keep your credit card details safe from prying eyes.

Hopefully many readers took on the message that all essentially 100% secure and discovered that Internet shopping was indeed a safe and sensible way to buy certain items.

This week we will explore a more adventurous way to shop online, rather than using huge online superstores you might be more tempted now to try your hand at something a little different, for example an online auction centre.

Initially, your ideas of buying online from private buyers who could be working from anywhere in the world might be quite negative, after all, what Read the rest

Internet on the Move

Over the past 14 weeks, we have explored how to access the Internet and accomplishing many useful tasks using your home PC.This is all very well, but should you wish to work on the move, you are restricted to just a few options:First off, laptop computers.These are reducing in size almost daily, they allow you to perfectly emulate your home PC, unfortunately their battery life is usually too short for long journeys and they still weigh in at around 2½ kilos.The second option is a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), until recently these have been quite primitive and related very little to the PC you would have been using at home, however a new breed of these PDA’s make use of the improving technology in colour displays, handwriting recognition and the Operating System on the device.

For the last couple of weeks, Read the rest

Search Engines

This week I’m going to take a break from answering readers’ questions to discuss the most efficient way of searching for material on the Internet over International, National and Local scales.My decision to write an article on this came when I realised that many new starters to the Internet did not realise how easy and efficient it is to use a search engine to look for information they are interested in.These search engines are actual sites on the Internet that have a huge directory containing the majority of websites that are registered on the Internet and exactly what information they contain so that the average Internet user only has to type in what he is after and the search engine will return sites that match his or her criteria.

Okay then, first things first, let us assume that you’ve just logged Read the rest

Questions and Answers #3

I wonder if you can help me with a niggling computer problem.I have created a letterhead as a template in Microsoft Word 2000 documents.The letterhead contains a picture in Windows bitmap format (.bmp).Every time I save a letter in this layout, I also have to save the picture as well.I initially discovered this problem when trying to save to floppy disk; to save one was feasible, but as soon as I tried to save a second the computer informed me that the disk was full.On further inspection, I found that the document saved consumed 759kb of floppy disk space: more than half the total available.I believe that the problem started when I first saved the picture for the letterhead in bitmap format, unaware that this file type is overly space-hungry.Having discarded the original drawing, I can’t easily start again from scratch, Read the rest