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Office XP review

One of the little mentioned benefits of the work that I do is that I often get the chance to use the latest software before it becomes commercially available for the general public.Such a piece of software that I had a chance to get to use recently is the successor to Office 2000 entitled “Office XP”.

To start with, for those of you slightly unsure what Office 2000 is, let me explain:The Office suite by Microsoft contains nearly all the basic productivity software that a business or home user could ask for in one package, a Word Processor (Word), Spreadsheet (Excel), Presentation Package (PowerPoint), E-mail (Outlook), Database creator (Access) and in addition, high-end versions of the Office suite can also include a Desktop Publisher (Publisher) and a Webpage-designer (FrontPage).I estimate that the majority of readers have used a version of the Read the rest

Teaching resources #3

Some of my more regular readers may recall that over the past 2 weeks we have been covering the teaching resources available to all people in Torbay, last week we did Paignton and the week before Torquay and so it only seems natural that this week I should cover Brixham.For those of you that live in Paignton or Torquay and missed those respective articles, I should point out that all previous articles are available on the Webwise section of the Herald Express’s website at

This week I will also cover the subject of Individual Learning Accounts (ILA’s) which are available for all people over the age of 19 to support their return to education.In addition to some of the courses that I will detail today, several of those we’ve discussed in past weeks are available for support via an Read the rest

Teaching resources #2

As discussed in last week’s edition of Click, there is a great deal of computer learning resources available for all people in Torbay.These series of articles focussing around this subject are designed to try and assist you in finding the right course at the right college to suit your particular needs.

Last week we talked about the different ways of teaching a course, either through Open Learning or by practical classes held with a lecturer always available to help out. This week we’ll contend with another problem associated with returning to education and details of another college that is available for a whole range of older students to study at.

Having spoken to several people while researching this subject, I have found that one of the main problems older learners associate with returning to education is that they often feel that Read the rest

Teaching resources

As discussed in last weeks Click, today and next week we will be looking at the resources available to all groups of people in Torbay when it comes to computer tuition, either for people who have never used a PC before or those who want a refresher course.As you probably know, learning the basics of computing can dramatically extend your career prospects as knowledge of computer systems is one of the most sought after qualities employers look for nowadays and the good news is that it doesn’t cost as much as one might think.

The first education centre we will look at is South Devon College, Torquay, the reason being as this is the biggest centre of its type in the whole of Torbay.The advantages offered by a College such as this is that there are two distinctly different ways of Read the rest