Monthly Archives: July 2001

Questions and Answers

Once again, this week I will attempt to resolve any problems my readers have been experiencing with their PC’s recently.

Thank you for your reply to my envelope orientation problem in Saturdays Herald Express on the 30th June.You certainly pointed me in the right direction and I am now much more aware of the possibilities of using Macros; however all was not plain sailing.

Firstly the Macro ‘stop’ button just does not work, so you have to exit by Tools, Macro, Macros, and Stop Recording - A pain but not a problem!

More seriously, having created the Macro to print the required envelope orientation, the system still stubbornly prints the address in the Portrait orientation!If you go into the Macro, Edit Mode, you will note that the orientation is correctly described as ‘Landscape’ and by changing this to the incorrect Read the rest

PDA’s, Mobiles and PDA Combos

Last week we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the two mainstream styles of computer; the laptop and the PC.The third, and possibly more restrictive alternative would be to use a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) however the mobile telecoms industry has recently presented a fourth option for those wanting to do their work on the move in the form of the Nokia 9210 Communicator.

I’ll forgive those of you who haven’t heard of this product before because as stated, the product series is a fairly new concept and the newest model of the Communicator that I am going to review today is only a couple of weeks old and therefore it has been specially provided to me by the guys at the Carphone Warehouse in Torquay.

So what is the Nokia Communicator?Quite simply it is very much like a PDA combined Read the rest

Laptop vs. Desktop

I am often asked whether I would recommend a laptop or desktop computer to an individual and so the focus of this article will be to answer this question for all my readers and also to give you some information on the technology that is currently available for both styles of machine.

First off, just in case any of you are in any doubt about the above: a desktop computer is probably the style of machine you have at home consisting of a box that stores the workings of the PC, a large monitor, keyboard, a mouse etc.In contrast, a laptop is a small machine with all these separate components stored in a single case usually weighing a couple of kilograms including a powerful battery in order for it to be easily portable.

Whereas the PC is usually confined to remaining Read the rest

Instant Messaging

Way back at the beginning of February we looked at IRC (Internet Relay Chat) – A technology used for hosting chat rooms online.This was a very good system if you were curious of the Internet and wanted to learn how to meet new people online, however it was of very little use for keeping in contact with those that you had already acquainted as in these cases you would have found it very inconvenient in terms of knowing whether or not they were online.Therefore, in most cases you would have had to arrange to meet up somewhere in a particular on the system to chat. There have been alternatives available for sometime and I feel it was now about time that I reviewed my personal favourite, ICQ (Pronounced ‘I Seek You’)

Available completely free of charge from, this program Read the rest