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MP3 Players

Over the past couple of weeks we have looked at using your computer to experiment with music recording and playback through the use of music files known as MP3’s and the use of writers that can copy these tracks to CD’s.

The principle was that to listen to your music in the car, you would download MP3’s onto your computer from the Internet and copy them on to a CD.Alternatively if you wanted to make your own mix then you could copy specific tracks off a number of CD’s and group them all together for recording onto a CD.

This seems to me slightly wasteful however.If you consider a guy in America who records a song from an uncopyrighted CD and compresses it down into MP3 format so that it can be transferred across the Internet but then as soon as Read the rest

CD Writer Drives

Continuing on from last weeks article related to the uses of compression techniques used within music files, this week I’m going to shed some light on an area that will allow you to put this technology to good use.It’s all very well being able to download hundreds of un-copyrighted music files from the Internet and play them on your computer but it’s another thing altogether when it becomes possible to be able to put these tracks onto your own CD so that they can be played anywhere whether it be on your home hi-fi or on the move in your car.

Not only this but by using a CD writer you are able to do a number of other useful tasks such as create a backup of all the important files from your computer or create backups of expensive CD’s such Read the rest

MP3 sharing.

Last week we discussed the theoretical uses for file compression on the Internet and to take this one stage further, this week we will put this technology to use by looking at a off-shoot of it which has caused quite a bit of controversy in the media lately - MP3’s.

For those of you who missed Click last week, I’ll quickly explain that MP3’s are very tightly compressed music files which can be downloaded off the Internet at the rate of approximately one track every 25 minutes.This system has been open to abuse with many people downloading commercial MP3’s which is obviously a breach of copyright laws; very much like making a copy of a mates new album onto cassette.I would just like to disassociate myself from this as the advice given in this article is only to be used for Read the rest

File Compression

There are few technologies in the IT world which are just so helpful that once you’ve got used to using them you will find them simply indispensable; file compression is just one of those things that you may not have yet given any thought to and it just so happens to be the subject of this weeks article.

To give you an example of how file compression would reflect the real world; Could you imagine how useful it would be that when you wanted to go onto holiday you simply put everything you needed into one huge suitcase which could then be shrunk to a quarter of the size whilst travelling and then made the correct size again when you reached your hotel room?

For the IT professional being able to do a similar thing with PC files is almost as Read the rest