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Mobile Essentials

Having started at Cardiff University this week I thought I would take the chance of using a couple of articles in order to discuss some essentials for mobile computing on the move.There is the obvious essential ownership of a laptop computer that I have discussed in weeks gone by that will allow you to use the devices that I’m going to cover but asides from that there are a number of other things that I would recommend.

This week I’m going to discuss the perks of having a mobile phone while you’re out and about.Obviously, mobile phones make and receive calls, which would have to be their most useful feature; however they are also capable of acting like a mobile connection to the Internet which can be accessed via your laptop.

I myself have been using a Nokia 6210 to connect Read the rest

Home Networking

Some lucky people in this world have two computers in their household; one in the kids’ room and one in their room maybe.This week I’m going to shed some light on the advantages that can be gained by networking both machines together.

First things first, to make setting up a home network easy and worthwhile I would suggest that both machines are of fairly good specification and ideally should be running a Network friendly OS such as Windows ME or XP.This isn’t essential as you can have two old machines running Windows 95 if you like but the immediate benefits will be less obvious and your network will be a lot harder to set up.

With those criteria met, you will require a number of items to make your home network successful - these should not exceed £60 or so.

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Processor Overview

Many newcomers to the PC world may well be perplexed by the apparent choice of PC’s that are available to choose from; CD or DVD drive?20Gb or 30Gb hard disk?However, possibly one of the most confusing issues to arise recently is the new choice between different processors that are available, or to be more specific, whether you should go for a AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium 4 Processor.

For those of you unaware, the processor in your PC is really the brains of the machine, it does all the calculations that allow the computer to function and without it, the machine wouldn’t work at all.It is therefore essential that you choose correctly the type of processor you would like your computer to have as a priority over other extras such as a DVD drive or scanner.

The main manufacturer in the Read the rest

Windows XP

With the successor to Windows ME and Windows 2000 just having been released to manufactures, I thought that this week I would review the newest Operating System on the market from Microsoft; Windows XP.For most people in the industry this new product is the most exciting development in its area since Windows 95 was released however, most home users may also have something to gain from this new release.

You may or may not remember the very first article I published for the Herald when I discussed the distinct differences between Windows ME (Millennium Edition) and Windows 2000.To summarise the article, Windows ME was targeted at the home user; it was designed to be fast and with large amounts of support for games but wasn’t as hot on issues such as security and stability that Windows 2000 (the business product) excelled Read the rest