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This week I’m going to be quite topical and talk about what I was lucky enough to get for Christmas however I’ll save you all the boredom and exclude the usual stories about socks, jumpers and aftershave.

This year, to go with my laptop I thought it might be a good idea for me to get a CD-RW and DVD drive so that I could burn CD’s and play DVD’s when I go back to Cardiff next week.Such a device, I discovered was extremely expensive as, unlike a desktop PC, the drive I needed would have to sit outside the computer rather than inside the machine because of the obvious size differences between a desktop and laptop machine.

At first, one of the most promising products I found while looking for my present was something like the Iomega USB CD Re-Writer … Read the rest


I had a letter this week from a reader regarding a subject I have failed to mention so far in my numerous articles of computing on the move.Mr Ian MacMillian wrote in with the following, enclosing a cutting of a recent article from the Sunday Telegraph regarding the new phone boxes that BT are setting up which are similar to traditional phone boxes however they also allow you to e-mail, SMS or use the Internet using their inbuilt computer systems:

Please find the enclosed cutting from the Sunday Telegraph which might be of interest to you.

From a local viewpoint, there are already two phone boxes in Torquay which can send e-mails and SMS text messages to mobile phones.There is one opposite Burger King in Fleet Walk and one at the bottom of Market Street.I had a go on the one Read the rest

Microsoft Plus for Windows XP Part 2

This week I will again answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having.

In the past I have successfully used a Kodak C.D. ROM to view or send my pictures via e-mail although I am not very good at computing – In fact, rather green!Here is my problem; When I put in the Kodak C.D. ROM and click ‘Start’, ‘Programs’, ‘Kodak picture C.D’ then ‘Kodak Picture C.D. Volume 4, issue 1’ then the message ‘Insufficient space on system disk comes up on screen.Because of this, I have reduced the number of programs on the computer but I’m still having no luck – Please advise exactly what I should be doing.

Clearing all that is on screen and going back to the Read the rest

Microsoft Plus for Windows XP

Whenever Microsoft release a new operating system, it is customary for them to release a package known as ‘Plus’ along side its release which adds a number of small extras.With the recent release of Windows XP this tradition has continued with the launch of ‘Microsoft Plus for Windows XP’.

So, what exactly has Microsoft Plus XP edition got to offer and is it worth buying?Well, in theory, Microsoft Plus is a good idea, you pay a modest £30 or so and you get loads of fun new features for your computer.The whole principle falls down quickly however once you have installed Microsoft Plus and you realise what exactly it has to offer:

The additions seem to be little more than a few new games, screensavers and visualisations for Windows Media Player along with a couple of mildly useful utilities.Personally, I feel … Read the rest

Creating your own website Part 5

After a quick break from our website tutorial last week to answer a number of readers questions, today we get back to wrapping up this multi-part series on creating and uploading your own website.

In part one, we looked at an application called ‘FrontPage’ – The full version is available as part of Microsoft Office and a cut down version - FrontPage Express is available free from product combined with the free Microsoft Image Editor are fine if you are happy keeping with a simple website, however, if you are planning on creating a more sophisticated site then there are a number of other products that you may want to consider trying out:

Macromedia Dreamweaver – Dreamweaver is highly regarded as the most powerful web page creator available on the market today.The program, in my opinion, builds on the … Read the rest