This week I will again answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having.

I've been reading with interest Chris Holgate's excellent ‘Click’ column in the Herald Express about designing web sites. I wondered if Chris would be able to take a look at the Shakespeare Unlimited web site at which I have recently launched on the Internet. It is primarily designed to provide a fun and interactive approach to the study of Shakespeare and is already generating a lot of interest in schools throughout the South West. As a Torbay based site, there is an obvious local interest aspect to the site, even though nationwide organisations such as @school have already started to take an interest in the original way in which we are attempting to present Shakespeare on the Internet.
I would welcome any comments or feedback in relation to the site.
Chris Brooks, via e-mail

This is one I’ll leave for my readers to investigate. The site itself looks very well made and some readers will appreciate the Flash content of the site which provides the multimedia elements. For details of how you can create your own animations such as shown in this site, go to where you will be given information on how to incorporate these elements into your site.

I am a mature computer user; I have recently built a 5 page website using FrontPage Express, and have not been able to fully upload it onto my Webspace. My ISP is 'Clara', they explained to me that the free webspace is not compatible with FrontPage, although their domain space is and suggested I rewrite the site using 'Dreamweaver', which is OK until you see the price. Could you advise of another system as simple as 'FrontPage' that would do the trick? My site contains 4 or 5 gif images + text.
Eric D Rose, via e-mail

I’m more convinced that their webspace doesn’t support connecting through FrontPage’s FTP rather than not supporting the HTML (Internet page) files that FrontPage creates as these are industry standard. I’d recommend that you look at my 45th Article (03/11/01) which is available from as this will give you information on alternative methods of uploading your site such as via a program called CuteFTP ( Connecting in this way will allow you to upload your pages created in FrontPage via CuteFTP so you will not be required to purchase Dreamweaver.

I wonder if you can help me with two problems, I should say that I am running Windows 95.
First can I control the size of the window in which a newly opened application starts. I usually open apps from the relevant data file entry in explorer and I want a full screen window but (apparently at random) they often start with the part size one.
Second can I customise the explorer to open at some level(s) down from C: as I most commonly want to work on the same group of files, held in the same sub directory which many levels down?
J Green, via e-mail.

In terms of opening up an application in a new window, as far as I’m concerned the application should open in the same size window as it was running in when you were last using it. This is unless it is a DOS program in which case you can force it to always open in a full screen window by doing it following : Right click on the file in question, and go to the ‘options’ tab (this may change depending on your version of Windows) and click on ‘Full Screen’ then hit okay. If any other readers have experienced the same problem as J Green then please write in, especially if you found a solution.

Instead of opening explorer straight off, if you use the command line ‘Explorer c:\’, ‘Explorer desktop’ or wherever you wish Explorer to open first off from clicking the Start Menu and ‘Run’. You can then make a shortcut to these by creating a ‘new shortcut’ on the desktop and typing this in as the command line. Every time you click on this icon now, your chosen destination will be opened automatically, in addition, this shortcut can be placed on the start menu, quick-launch bar etc.

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