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Questions and Answers

Once again, this week I will attempt to resolve any problems my readers have been experiencing with their PC’s recently.

Thank you for your reply to my envelope orientation problem in Saturdays Herald Express on the 30th June.You certainly pointed me in the right direction and I am now much more aware of the possibilities of using Macros; however all was not plain sailing.

Firstly the Macro ‘stop’ button just does not work, so you have to exit by Tools, Macro, Macros, and Stop Recording - A pain but not a problem!

More seriously, having created the Macro to print the required Read the rest

PDA’s, Mobiles and PDA Combos

Last week we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the two mainstream styles of computer; the laptop and the PC.The third, and possibly more restrictive alternative would be to use a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) however the mobile telecoms industry has recently presented a fourth option for those wanting to do their work on the move in the form of the Nokia 9210 Communicator.

I’ll forgive those of you who haven’t heard of this product before because as stated, the product series is a fairly new concept and the newest model of the Communicator that I am going to review today is only Read the rest

Laptop vs. Desktop

I am often asked whether I would recommend a laptop or desktop computer to an individual and so the focus of this article will be to answer this question for all my readers and also to give you some information on the technology that is currently available for both styles of machine.

First off, just in case any of you are in any doubt about the above: a desktop computer is probably the style of machine you have at home consisting of a box that stores the workings of the PC, a large monitor, keyboard, a mouse etc.In contrast, a laptop is a small machine with all these separate components stored in a single Read the rest

Instant Messaging

Way back at the beginning of February we looked at IRC (Internet Relay Chat) – A technology used for hosting chat rooms online.This was a very good system if you were curious of the Internet and wanted to learn how to meet new people online, however it was of very little use for keeping in contact with those that you had already acquainted as in these cases you would have found it very inconvenient in terms of knowing whether or not they were online.Therefore, in most cases you would have had to arrange to meet up somewhere in a particular on the system Read the rest

Questions and Answers Part 4

This week I will again answer some of the mail that I have been receiving recently in the hope that it will resolve a number of problems that my readers have been having with their computers.

I hope you can assist with this particularly annoying default of Word 2000 envelope printing; when in Word 2000 and having written a letter, if I want to print an envelope I go to Tools/Envelopes and Labels and find the address already in place.However the envelope orientation is defaulted to ‘Portrait’ and because it is much easier to place the A4 envelope in the hopper in ‘Landscape’ Read the rest

Graphics Workshop Part 4: Graphics Software

On the fourth week of the graphics workshop feature, lets look back over the previous weeks; so far we have covered the subject of getting photo’s onto your computer using scanners and digital cameras and how to get them off your computer using a printer.However, what do you do if you want to have some fun with them half way?Modern image editing software lets you do just that, you can put a photo on to your computer and play around with it; changing heads on peoples’ bodies, changing the background and so on, then, when you’re happy with it you can print your Read the rest

Graphics Workshop Part 3: Printers

Over the past couple of weeks, we have covered how to capture pictures and transfer them onto your computer; unfortunately this is of little use without some way of eventually printing off your work.

Today, when looking for a perfect printer, you have a choice between two completely different technologies, either a Laser or Ink-Jet printer; I will briefly explain both styles of printer today and what to look for when buying.

Ink-Jet printer – This style of printer uses ink cartridges to spray a fine pattern of ink onto the paper with incredible accuracy.The most common choice for the home user, inkjet printers are cheap to purchase and are good for printing images Read the rest

Graphics Workshop Part 2: Scanners

Last week in Click we looked at the advent of new technology being put to use in cameras; by integrating digital technology it has been possible to produce cameras that don’t use film and therefore don’t need developing, you also gain the advantage of being able to select which pictures you want to keep and those that you want to delete.

This week we cover another popular area of image capture, that of scanners.To put it simply, a flatbed scanner is very much like a photocopier.Instead of printing the image, however, the signals it receives from bouncing a light source off the picture are sent straight to a computer for manipulation.

In previous years Read the rest

Graphics Workshop Part 1: Digital Cameras

Recently the power of the home PC has reached such a level that it is possible to be used for advanced artistic applications, whether it is through the capture and manipulation of sound, video or pictures.Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to look at several items of hardware that allow you to achieve the latter of the applications listed above; the ability to capture and manipulate pictures.

One of the most exciting developments in recent times is the rapid improvement in digital camera technology.For those of you unsure, digital cameras are very much like ordinary ‘analogue’ cameras that we’ve had for many years, just without the film, all pictures that you take Read the rest

Office XP review

One of the little mentioned benefits of the work that I do is that I often get the chance to use the latest software before it becomes commercially available for the general public.Such a piece of software that I had a chance to get to use recently is the successor to Office 2000 entitled “Office XP”.

To start with, for those of you slightly unsure what Office 2000 is, let me explain:The Office suite by Microsoft contains nearly all the basic productivity software that a business or home user could ask for in one package, a Word Processor (Word), Spreadsheet (Excel), Presentation Package Read the rest