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Keeping your computer healthy – Part 3

As promised last week, we will continue to look at the essential ways in which to keep your system in top shape and the easiest ways to minimise the number of technical support calls that you will have make in the coming years that you own your PC.By simply following the steps I am going to give you today and the tips over the past two weeks, you will be able to take the most fundamental but also the most important steps to ensuring that your PC has a trouble-free existence.

Once again, I would like to state that the information given here to help maintain or repair your computer should Read the rest

Keeping your computer healthy – Part 2

As you may remember last week we discussed the use of Scandisk and System File checker as tools to keep your computer in healthy running order.This article will continue on from where we left off last week.

For those of you who missed the first part of this series, there were some very useful hints and tips and although all the information given here can be used by itself, I would recommend that you read last weeks article in conjunction.If you don’t have an old copy of the Herald, then please e-mail me and I will send a copy of the article on to you.

As with last week I would Read the rest

Keeping your computer healthy

Computers, like people need a bit of tender loving care every now and again, a chance to repair any damage that may have been done in the past.Unfortunately, unlike humans whose immune system automatically repairs any damage, machines tend to need a bit of a push in order to fix themselves.

What I’m going to write now isn’t something that should be done optionally; the stuff I am about to write should be stamped in big writing on the side of every computer case manufactured for all users to read!

These are very basic tools, but failure to run them can often result in data loss, slow performance and random crashes, just 10 minutes every couple of weeks can keep your computer in good working order.

Unfortunately not all of what I cover here will be available for everybody, for example Read the rest

The Origins of the Internet

One thing I have always taken for granted when writing this series of articles is that the majority of people reading it have a slight idea of what the Internet consists of and where it came from, however a comment down the pub last week, ‘So who owns the Internet, anyway’ prompted me to do a sharp rethink.Because of this, I will spend this week doing a brief history lesson.We’ll look back at where the Internet came from, how it’s grown and so for which the reason why nobody actually owns it.

During the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the USA was facing the fact that a Nuclear war against the Read the rest

Internet Chat Rooms

This week I’m going to cover an area which needs really more than one article to do the subject matter any justice; chatting on the Internet.I have little doubt that many of you would have used e-mail in the past to communicate to other Internet users, but what if you could communicate directly to the person concerned and they could reply to you immediately?This is the service that Internet chat provides, and to kick off we will look at the most primitive, yet also one of the most complex ways of doing this, a technology known as Internet Relay Chat (IRC).As just mentioned, this area is a fair bit more difficult Read the rest

Online Shopping Pros and Cons

Once again I find myself answering the many issues that readers have regarding Internet security, or more accurately the apparent lack of it.To recap, so far we have covered the topics of children accessing inappropriate material over the Internet and the possibility of virus infection though the means of file downloads and e-mail attachments.This week we will be looking at the questions surrounding using your credit or debit card to order goods and services online.

When you consider the fact that there are an estimated 350 million people on the Internet all able to order goods by credit card it makes you wonder how we can be sure that the credit Read the rest

Computer Viruses

Following on from last weeks article relating to potential threats to your children when it comes to them using the Internet, I thought I would continue the theme of Internet safety by identifying one of the key areas that could affect your computer on the web; Viruses.

In order to get a better understanding of what people consider to constitute a virus, I looked the word up in a dictionary and discovered the meaning for an organic based virus or viruses is as follows.

‘Viruses - Viruses do not respire, nor do they display irritability; they do not move and nor do they grow; however, they do most certainly reproduce, and may adapt to new hosts.’

Now to compare that definition to the computer style of virus, the last statement is certainly the most important – ‘They do most certainly reproduce and may adapt to new … Read the rest

Net Monitoring Software

For many parents, the Internet is seen as good for benefiting the education of their children, a way for them to get use of a computer and a helpful tool used to look up information needed for homework assignments.

However, many also stop to consider the quality and suitability of the material that their children can potentially have access to.You may remember in the news last month that an American attorney was arrested for using chat rooms on the Internet to solicit sex from minors or the small percentage of children that claim to know how to make bombs and other weapons based on information found on the Internet.Too make things worse, it isn’t just all pornography and violent viewpoints, there is also a large amount of racial and ethnic abuse, all of which I find unlikely that you would want them having easy access to.

Don’t worry too much Read the rest