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Online Banking #2

Last week we discussed the advantages offered by doing your banking online with your existing high street banker such as Barclays, Lloyds TSB or Halifax; While we concluded that by doing your banking in this style offered the advantages of convenience and speed, it offered little extra financial incentives.Fortunately, the Internet offers numerous cost savings to those companies who choose to do business on it; the online only bankers have a number of advantages over those offering a traditional brick & mortar approach.

So today we’re going to look at the bankers that specialise in doing business over the Internet ONLY – Companies which practically have no physical existence, if you ignore the large centralised offices and call centres of course.

First off is Cahoot (; Offering current accounts, credit card, loans, savings and investments and insurance, Carhoot is … Read the rest

Online Banking.

Probably one of the most useful applications I have been using the Internet for recently is online banking and so I find it strange that over the past 60 articles, this is something that I haven’t even scraped the surface of so far.

To me, the reason online banking is so helpful is that any bank that I have ever been a member of seems to be impossible to park near and for some reason, and perhaps it’s just me, whenever I decide to do my banking there is a always a huge queue stacked onto the street; I still believe that drive-though banks similar to those in the United States remain a good idea, even if they would be an inappropriate area of discussion for this article.

If you go to the website of those who you bank with, you … Read the rest


One of the things that really makes the PC stand out from any of its rivals, consoles included is its adaptability; one minute it can be a games machine and then the next an Internet browser or a powerful Payroll system.

This week we’re going to look at something that takes this to the extreme, making a PC act like a completely different machine altogether; a term known as Emulation.To begin, I need to give you a brief lesson on how computers work in terms of the software that they run - When you buy a software package, Word Processor for example, you are essentially buying a series of instructions that have been put onto a disk so that whenever the program is run these are executed one by one to get your computer to do a specific task.The language the … Read the rest