Monthly Archives: May 2002

GoZilla Review

A useful utility that I briefly touched on back at the beginning of March called GoZilla was recently installed back on my hard drive for a large download that I was attempting to retrieve from the Adobe Website.The essential feature that caused me to choose to use this program is that it allows you to resume failed downloads from where they broke off; after all, I didn’t want to spend 15 hours downloading one file just for it to break up half way through and for me to have to start again.This ability to resume broken downloads is an important feature for many home users - Even when the file you are downloading off the Internet is relatively small, it is still an inconvenience if someone is to pick up the phone half way though or you get disconnected for some Read the rest

SETI @ Home

In last weeks edition of Click I promised that I’d review the numerous Linux products that were available on the market as alternatives to the popular Windows Operating System.Unfortunately however I have been unable to find the time to install any such programs on to my laptop and so this week I’m going to go off on a completely random tangent instead and discuss the SETI@home project which I was recently reminded of.

SETI (the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) has been conducted by many different scientific institutions interested in exploring the galaxy for signs of alien intelligence for many decades; NASA, for example have been conducting such research since 1959.Unfortunately the process of analysing a such a great deal of scientific data that is gathered by the various telescopes and satellite receivers for artificial intelligence is such a large undertaking Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 4

This week I’ll again spend a bit of time answering a selection of readers’ questions in the hope that I can resolve some of your most common problems.

I have an irritating problem in Word 2000 that hopefully you can help me with. When pressing the return key a strange symbol appears after the sentence. Also, when you press the spacebar, a small dot appears each time. I enjoy reading the Click column in the Herald Express every week.
Alban Williams, Kingsteignton.
These characters that you refer to are known as ‘Formatting Marks’ and are basically used to highlight paragraph marks, spaces and tab intents in your publication. Some people find it helpful to have this feature turned on so that they can easily see whether there are two spaces in between a couple of words or whether an intent is tabbed or justified into position. Personally however I can’t … Read the rest