Monthly Archives: July 2002

Maintaining your printer

I find it difficult to remember the number of times that I’ve been called out to fix a problem with a printer just to discover that all it needs is a little bit of tender loving care.It is for this reason that I’m dedicating my article this week to those little nuggets of information that could really help to improve the quality of your printouts without you having to fork out for a new printer.

  1. Upgrade your printer driver.This will hopefully resolve any bugs that your printer manufacturer has discovered since the release of their product which could include better support for newer operating systems, more stable software or a slightly faster printing speed.
  2. Always check the print quality settings.So often when people complain about the print quality of their publications I find that they actually have the printer
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Internet Radio

Whilst I was at Cardiff University last year, one of the only things that kept me sane whilst I sat in the computer room finishing of assignments was the good quality Welsh radio stations such as Galaxy and Red Dragon which I’d listen to constantly to keep me amused as well as a selection of songs stored on my laptop.

Now that I’m back in Paignton I miss these radio stations and so was pleasantly surprised when, upon visiting their respective websites I discovered that they offer the ability for you to tune in via the Internet to listen in live.Listening to the radio online is one area that I can see excelling when high speed Internet access becomes more widespread; rather than just listening to the limited number of channels in your local area you could tune in to a Read the rest

Virus Hoaxes

One of the jobs I carried out for a customer this week started off looking like a normal Windows corruption but upon further investigation things began to get a little bit interesting.Asked if any modifications to the computer or software had occurred over the past couple of days, the customer replied by saying that he’d recently received a virus through his e-mail account that he subsequently deleted and he was wondering if maybe that was what had caused the current damage.As means of supporting his claim that he had a virus, he produced the following e-mail that had been forwarded to him from a friend;

“I have unwittingly been infected with a virus from someone’s e-mail. The virus sends itself to all the addressees in the address book of the computer it has arrived at. Since you are in my address … Read the rest