Monthly Archives: August 2002

ADSL problems

It’s only once in a blue moon that I write an article in Click in order to make negative comments about a product or service but my recent experiences with BT leave me with doubt over how capable they are of delivering the vision of a ‘Broadband Britain’ that many IT professionals have.

Having recently started running my business on a full time rather than part time basis, I decided that it was time to replace my flagging 56k modem for a nice ADSL line as I needed to be able to be on the Internet and use the phone at the same time; something I couldn’t do after recently moving into a new house which has just one telephone line.ADSL promised to be able to offer me speeds of up to 512k/s, approximately 10 times the speed of a standard Read the rest

It seems to be rare nowadays to see a website advertised on the TV after the recent crisis in the .com industry and so it’s refreshing to see the site always advertised during prime time viewing.As one of those sites that attempts to cover a broad spectrum of services I thought it was about time that it was reviewed for Click.

The site itself is essentially nothing more than a collection of search engines tailored towards specific categories, from jobs to lettings all accessible from the one front page.So, from the start we have the ability to do a quick search for cars, a quick search for jobs or a quick search for houses in an area of our choosing subject to several search restrictions which we can place such as maximum price, number of bedrooms etc.There are also links Read the rest

All about DVD’s

Although I’d expect the majority of my readers to know exactly what an DVD disc is, it seems that far too many people have not taken the plunge to purchase a DVD player for their computer even though you can pick up a drive for around £40 or so.DVD technology has been around in Europe now for around 4 years and although most people have used one in order to watch a movie, many may not yet be buying and using DVD data discs for their PCs.

Back when the CD ROM was first pioneered it was heralded as a breakthrough as it was able to reliably store vast amounts of data in comparison to the current standards of the times.Over time however, it soon became evident that the limited 700Mg of data that a CD could hold would be insufficient Read the rest