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Readers Questions – E-mail Spam

Once again I’ll take the take out this week to help out with any problems that my readers have been experiencing.

I usually read your column in the Herald Express and have a problem I wondered if you could help me with as I am now receiving what I can only describe as unsolicited dirty emails.

Some time ago we thought of starting a small business selling quit smoking kits and someone suggested putting an advert on the ‘FFA’ sites. We have since given up the idea of a business but do wonder that if by going onto these sites people are ‘selling’ our email address.

Up to now, I have dealt with the dozen or so daily unwanted emails by ‘blocking’ them, but they are increasing and I really don’t have the time to unblock every one. Also, sometimes the Read the rest

Readers Questions – Flash & Shockwave

I thought I’d take a break from criticising BT this week in order to take some time out to answer a question from one of my readers:

Dear Chris,

One of my interests is electronic organs and keyboards and I thought I would have a look at the web page of the manufacturer ‘Wersi’.I attach a text that was displayed to me that reads ‘this site contains a large amount of Flash and Shockwave content.To view these files you will need the Shockwave player plugin.’I was wondering what makes up Flash and Shockwave content, what is the Shockwave plugin and if I click on the install now icon what will I be letting myself in for and will I be incurring any cost?

Sam Matthews, Paignton.

Both of the items you describe – Flash and Shockwave are both technologies developed by Read the rest

ADSL problems part 3

You know you’ve struck a cord with the general public when you get stopped in the street by people you’ve never met who ask you how your installation of ADSL is going.For those of you who haven’t seen my last couple of articles, I’ve been running a feature promoting the benefits of getting a high speed always on Internet connection (ADSL) and the difficulties that I personally have had in receiving it.

As the last word on this, BT have now decided that I am unable to get the ADSL service after weeks of continually changing their mind and they have no idea when I will be able to.I recently received a letter from Eddie Bent from E-Strategy Net who offered the following advice to those people in a similar position to myself:

“Dear Mr Holgate,

I am writing in response Read the rest

ADSL problems part 2

Those of you who read my article last week will remember that I discussed my lack of confidence in the ability of BT to be able to provide the vision of ‘Broadband Britain’ that everybody in the IT industry seems to have at the moment.If you didn’t read last weeks article then check out the Herald Express website to download it otherwise you’ll have no idea what’s up with me this week.

To summarize the developments from this time last week, after weeks of debating and contradictory information with quotes for the availability of ADSL (high speed Internet access) in my area ranging from right now to the end of 2003, BT now appear to have decided that I can’t get ADSL in my area at all.If I check online or via e-mail then I’m told that my order is still Read the rest