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Windows XP Service Pack 1

Several months ago, Microsoft released a major update for Windows XP home and professional editions, which was designed to correct the majority of issues that users had experienced since it was originally released.The update also added several new features and with many people in the bay taking the plunge and upgrading to Windows XP, I thought it time that I explain what these free of charge updates offer the average home user.

The ‘Service Pack’ centres on improving the general security and stability of the Operating System by bundling all of the previous critical updates together into the one file as well as a fair amount of new code.Those of you who run Windows Update on a regular basis will probably already have a large majority of the fixes already installed on your system but there are still a number of … Read the rest

Response to last weeks letters page.

This week I received a reader response regarding a letter I received off a guy called Eric who was having a little bit of trouble with his computer.Those of you who missed last weeks edition may like to acquire a copy of it to fully appreciate this weeks Click however, if not, to cut a long story short, Eric was receiving messages saying that e-mails had failed to be delivered to addresses that he wasn’t even aware he was e-mailing.The response written by Mrs S Potts is as follows:

It sounds as though Eric of Paignton has got Bugbear virus on his computer as this worm has recently played havoc amongst Church users in Brixham. One colleague passed it on, and it went round and round the computers until we all ended up having to use the Bugbear decontamination method.
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Readers Questions Part 5

Once again I’ll take the take out this week to help out with any problems that my readers have been experiencing.

I’m using Windows 98 with Outlook Express 5 and from time to time I receive e-mails that include an invitation to reply to the sender to acknowledge that I’ve received their e-mail.I usually select to send the reply and think no more about it.About 3 or 4 weeks ago this happened and found that the reply I didn’t even realise I’d opted to send couldn’t be delivered by my ISP (Freeserve).On the first day I received the following message 17 times at various times during the day - “A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients.This is a permanent error, the following address failed – message failed because it has an Read the rest

File Sharing.

I’ve recently downloaded the latest version Kazaa Media Desktop; an application that I’ve been using for quite a while now to search for files and download files over the Internet and since I’m quite impressed by the way the program is shaping up, I thought I’d give you all a run-down on what the product has to offer.

Kazaa is somewhat similar in style to the now defunct Napster in the way that you could simply log on, type in the name of the music file you were looking for and then download it straight off of another Napster users hard drive.Kazaa builds on this idea by offering a number of additional features such as the ability to search for pictures, videos and software files and whilst I obviously don’t condone piracy, the application is decentralised which means that it will Read the rest

Readers Questions – Removing programs and Transferring Files

Once again I’ll take the take out this week to help out with any problems that my readers have been experiencing.

Can you please help me with the following; I tried the free AOL Internet trial but decided not to proceed - How can I now go about getting rid of their logo from the tool bar of my computer?

I find your column in the Herald Express great.

Eileen Woodroffe, via E-mail.

As with all unwanted programs, they should be removed from the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ utility that ensures that all associated files and icons should be deleted in the correct manner.Many people still feel the need to just delete the program folder itself from Windows Explorer and this can lead to problems as many parts of Windows will still try to reference back to files you’ve just manually deleted.To enter Read the rest