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LCD monitors vs. CRT Monitors

Whilst the PC industry steams forward increasing the specification of the machines that we use, giving us the fastest processors and the biggest hard disks which offer us the ultimate in efficiency to get our work done as quickly as possible, a lot of users seem to neglect one area of the PC – The user interface.

The user interface is generally regarded as the keyboard, mouse and monitor as these are the peripherals that you use to actually interface with the machine.If you were to present to me the fastest PC on the market with a small, hard to read monitor, an awkward keyboard and a cumbersome mouse I wouldn’t appreciate half as much as one that wasn’t quite as fast but a pleasure to use due to the quality of the user interface devices provided.

One area in particular … Read the rest

Readers Questions.

Once again I’ll take the take out this week to help out with any problems that my readers have been experiencing.

My question is that I have a Nokia 7650 and I am trying to find out the file extension that makes files the most compressed (smallest) as MP3s appear to be huge!The phone has 4mb of total memory but that’s to share with all other functions of the phone such as the calendar so there’s not much room really.I do have a .ZIP program for both my PC and Nokia 7650 and was wondering if this format could be used to compress the music.

John Mander, Torquay

The standard size for a file stored in a format that is readable by home CD systems is around 40mg, which is why you can typically only store one album on a compact … Read the rest

Readers contribution – BT Internet kiosks

After last weeks article relating to Internet access whilst on the move, I saw it fit to publish a letter submitted by one of my readers, Ian MacMillan who discusses the new BT Internet kiosks and call boxes that are popping up around the country.They offer you full Internet and E-mail access in the high street with additional facilities such as text messaging and obviously the ability to use it as a standard payphone.

Last December I wrote to you about the new phone boxes that BT were introducing in Torbay, which could send e-mails and text messages as well as making ordinary phone calls.

Since then, there have been some new developments in this area as BT is in the process of rolling out new Internet kiosks, which offer full Internet access.At the time of writing there are eight of Read the rest