In the past I have discussed shopping over the Internet in its various forms but recently after a few customers commented on booking and paying for their holidays online I realised this was an area of that I’d not yet looked in to.

Booking holidays online has always been one of the more useful things that most home users have spent time doing on the Internet and recently whilst companies such as British Airways have been reducing their flights, online flight bookings have become a lot more lucrative with companies such as Go achieving record sales. The main thing about companies such as these is that they save a great deal of money on travel agent fees and overheads as you are obliged to book the flight online via their respective websites, and

My personal website of choice has always been Go airlines although I will look at both of them today. As soon as you open up the website for Go, you are able to quickly and easily enter in your search parameters; where you want to go, when you want to go, how many passengers are coming with you and what type of booking you require – For example, business or economy class. Within seconds the website reports back to you the results that closest match your search criteria and then you can refine them until you find the one that is closest to what you need. When complete the site will summarise your journey and give you the option to purchase it securely online and gives you a unique booking number which means that you don’t require tickets when you turn up at the airport. An obvious result of this is that you can book a flight for say three hours from now and simply go straight to the airport with your passport without having to wait for your tickets to arrive.
In addition to just searching for the cheapest flights, the website can also offer you additional products such as hotel bookings, car rental, travel insurance, coach journeys and the special offers are often updated.

Although I haven’t used Ryanairs website a great deal over the years, upon loading it up today I was greeted with a quick and easy way to book flights in very much the same way as Go airlines as well as the usual assortment of special offers and additional travel products. The cost of the flights tend to vary between the two websites based on where you are travelling from and at what time and to so it is impossible for me to say which one is the cheapest overall. Since it takes seconds to check pricing and availability, it is definitely worth trying out both sites before proceeding to book your tickets. Ryanair appears to be the more international website of the two with pricing in Euros usually being the default currency and a number of versions of the website available for most European languages. The site tends to have a number of links to external pages on it, so you can often find yourself looking at links for ‘Low cost calls’ for example – This is on a site that is supposed to be primarily concerned with cheap flights.

Overall, both sites are extremely easy to use and offer great cost savings to the average user with usually no discernable loss in the quality of the service or flight provided as even business class customers can be catered for. In a time when all the major airlines seem to be hitting difficulty, it is good to see a business model that still seems to be succeeding in this currently harsh market place. The other major area that I am yet to touch on is the websites that offer travel or tickets to events at the last minute for a discounted price and so I shall confront this next week. If you’re thinking of going away this summer then 10 minutes of your time to check the offers online could end up saving you a great deal of money and so is definitely worth a look.

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