Last week we started discussing the advantages of booking holidays and flights over the Internet and although this is one of the most helpful features of the Net for home users, one thing that remains popular is the ability to make last minute bookings online - the Internet has made it possible for users to constantly keep updated with the latest special offers and the latest last minute flights or holidays.

As we all know from the traditional high street travel agents, if a flight looks like it is going to leave with excess empty seats then the airlines will often heavily reduce the costs of flying in order to fill the plane. In fact, it is to my understanding that airlines often make a loss on these seats that is then recuperated by those that are flying business class.

A useful site that we’ll look at today, allows Internet users to simply log on and specify search criteria to locate these deals and bargains, even those that aren’t considered to be last minute. You don’t have to be too specific, you can leave all the fields blank as if to say that you’ll fly from any airport in the UK, arrive at any foreign airport and fly on any date just to see what deals it comes up with. This method of searching is probably one of the best ideas for those who are searching for a real bargain and have two weeks or so off work so they are ready to leave at the drop of a hat whenever a suitable deal comes up. You can choose from flights, hotels, train tickets, car hire or complete holidays not only those at budget prices but also higher quality and more expensive options are available.

The other major area of this Internet site is the Entertainment section that allows you to search through a whole host of attractions. These include music, cinema and theatre concerts, festival tickets, days out for the family and nights out for couples. Because of the way the site is set up and run it is often possible to gain a great discount of the usual price of the tickets which is added to the fact that the site can sometimes suggest something completely random but fun to do in your area if you’re stuck for entertainment one weekend. This becomes especially true thanks to the ‘Next Weekend’ section of the website which lists 10 special deals to consider for Saturdays and Sundays.

The site has regularly updated special offers not only those related to holidaying and travel but sometimes completely random products such as clothing, DVD’s and food which ties in to the next area of the site which we’ll look at, the gifts section. This offers some interesting products to consider for birthdays or as a treat for yourself, which can range from wine and flowers to leisure and sports accessories. The most interesting offers in this area of the site has to be under the ‘experiences’ heading; these include driving experiences, stag weekends and white water rafting. The website also includes an area where you can bid for a selection of these items in an online auction.

To summarise this site is not possible in this article; the site just appears so random but yet so easy to navigate. Don’t visit if you are prone to impulse buying as whilst reviewing I felt myself reach once or twice for my credit card to book myself up for something that I’d never even considered until a few minutes previously – A quick break in Spain, 3 laps on Silverstone in an Audi TT, and a glider flight to name but a few. For those with a little more control, the site can save you a lot of money on your last minute travel and entertainment needs and is definitely worth a look.

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