It seems to be rare nowadays to see a website advertised on the TV after the recent crisis in the .com industry and so it’s refreshing to see the site always advertised during prime time viewing. As one of those sites that attempts to cover a broad spectrum of services I thought it was about time that it was reviewed for Click.

The site itself is essentially nothing more than a collection of search engines tailored towards specific categories, from jobs to lettings all accessible from the one front page. So, from the start we have the ability to do a quick search for cars, a quick search for jobs or a quick search for houses in an area of our choosing subject to several search restrictions which we can place such as maximum price, number of bedrooms etc. There are also links to allow you to do searches for homes, local newspaper sites, local lettings as well as a number of buying guides for each kind of product available online.

Below I’ll evaluate roughly what is included under each category as each different area of the site also includes a number of services that you may not be expecting to find within.

Jobs – Involves filling in two sections; what do you want to work as and where you want to do it. Just then hit the search button and it’ll find any jobs that match your criteria although I found the results somewhat inaccurate in terms of the location that I was specifying.
This section also includes specific sections for different career paths, for example there is an entire section dedicated to engineering and an entire section for IT as well as a travel section that offers discount flights for business travellers through Thomas Cook.

Homes – You can search here for houses for sale and houses for rent, specifying the amount you want to pay, the number of bedrooms and the type of property as the search criteria. Addition sections on this category of the site include a mortgage searcher, legal advice, insurance services and guides for moving, selling and buying.

Cars – You start by specifying a make and model of car, the miles you want it to ideally have done, the location of the car and the approximate prices you are willing to pay for it. This page also includes a car loan searcher, insurance advice, a used car valuator as well as links to sections that allow you to search for boats, caravans, vans and motorbikes. This section has a number of guides on road tests, motoring products and services as well as a dealer directory.

There is also a section that you can use to search for local businesses by either specifying the type of business that you’re interested in, the business name or the location of the business. Overall, the site is well designed for ease of navigation although the biggest problem I found is that the amount of information in each section was somewhat limited if you compared it to a dedicated search engine (for example using Autotrader rather than the Fish4 cars section) however this is to be expected really.
Fish4 is however a good place to start for pretty much anything that you’re searching for but should ideally be used in conjunction with targeted sites such as for cars or for a business directory.
As far as sellers are concerned, I am unable to comment on the results that are generated by this site as although the prices seem very cost effective it is obviously not of use if no sales are generated as a result. Just to give you some kind of an idea, it costs £5 to advertise your car on the site for two weeks so any readers attempt to advertise on then please let me know the kind of results you achieve.

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