I do a large amount of working from home and being the proud owner of two cats I quite often find that when my back is turned that they start interfering with my laptop so that upon my return I either find one of them perched on the mouse following the curser across the screen or ‘typing’ e-mails away quite happily to customers and friends. I have even had files I needed moved to the recycle bin before by ‘Smooopps’, the most menacing of my two moggies.
These constant disruptions to my work got me thinking that with the random nature of the Internet, what products would have been put together in order to discourage such eventualities from happening in the first place? A quick search in Google revealed a surprising number of related sites.

Step forward www.moggies.co.uk though as the site I found with the most related products. I’m going to cover a number of the products on this site more to prove that you can find pretty much anything on the Internet rather than anything else. The first product of interest is the ‘PawSense’ program that uses specially designed algorithms to detect typing that is being done by your cats sitting on or walking across your keyboard. When it detects cat movements it ignores the false typing and commands sent to the computer and also makes a number of ‘Cat-annoying sounds’ to try get the cat off of the keyboard and to discourage it from doing it again. For this product you’re looking at around £16 including postage, and although I haven’t yet invested, if my cats delete anymore of my files whilst my back is turned then it may turn out to be a worthwhile investment.

In stark contrast, the second product of significance in relating to both cats and computers on this site is the moggie computer game, which has been designed by a guy who also apparently worked as part of the Sonic the Hedgehog, and Soviet Strike games production teams. Although this should never be used in conjunction with the PawSense program mentioned above as it actually encourages cats to trample all over your computer, some people may find it a good laugh nevertheless. After consulting with a cat behaviorist, Matt Wolf designed this game in which housebound cats get a chance to ‘chase’ birds, spiders and mice that dart across the screen. The screensaver mode means that when you leave your PC for a number of minutes then the computer will start the game automatically in order to give your cats stimulation if they are unable to get out into the wild and at £15 including postage from the United States, some may find this of use. Wolf also says that he’s got a number of other products in the pipeline, such as one which is designed to help birds pronounce different words and he’s looking into products for dogs although admits that the size of many of these in comparison to the actual computer is a cause for concern.

Personally I think I’m going to be at the stage in my life where I’m smoking a pipe, wearing slippers and drinking Ovaltine before I’m spending money on computer products to entertain my cats but as I mentioned at the start of this article I thought it would be more interesting to actually demonstrate the diversity of the Internet in proving the theory if you want something no matter how specialist it may be, you will always find someone offering a product to fit your needs.

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