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Blueyonder Internet Access Part 2

My article last week on Blueyonder struck a chord with a number of readers who thought they would write to confirm that they’ve had good experiences with the Telewest Blueyonder service and one such reader is Mr. Hare whose letter I shall print below.

Having read your Herald Express column today I am pleased to see that you have stumbled across Blueyonder at last - I have followed your rantings over BT broadband over the last few months and often wondered who you hadn’t mentioned Telewest Blueyonder.

Personally, I am fortunate to live in a cabled area of Torquay and have been with Eurobell/Telewest for a couple of years and with Blueyonder Broadband since it first became available in September.

You ask about horror stories? I haven’t got any - Blueyonder broadband is fast and reliable; my own website is hosted Read the rest

Blueyonder Internet Access

I believe that once again it’s that time where I should talk once again about the my complete inability to be able to get broadband seemingly anywhere in Torbay; many of you may remember my problems in securing this always on, fast Internet access at my old address and the miscommunication I endured from department to department of BT.First they decided that I could have it, then that I couldn’t, then I could before eventually resting on the decision that I (probably) could not – A process which took several months.

I’ve now moved to within a kilometer or so of the main exchange (the tolerated should be 5.5km) and it still appears that because of the quality of the line coming into my house or the distance that the cable detours before reaching my house that broadband access is little Read the rest