Monthly Archives: February 2003

Compatible Cartridges

I thought I’d take the time this week to touch on a subject that I’ve briefly swept over in the past and as a result I’ve since received many queries about and that is the area of compatible printer cartridges.This is a product which could save many of you money on your printer running costs as there are now a fair few companies in the bay selling these cartridges which claim to be the same quality as those produced by Epson, HP, Canon and the like but at a fraction of the price.

When you originally purchased your printer you will have been surprised by the cheap price that you paid for the machine as printers now start from around £30 including cartridges and it seems unbelievable that the manufacturer can kick out machines at this price and yet still make Read the rest

Readers Questions - Broadband

For another week, I will spend this Click article resolving a selection of questions that my readers have put to me recently.

Firstly thanks for your excellent weekly column with particular reference to the sloppy way that BT are handling the Broadband rollout. As a resident of Kingskerswell I have more chance of becoming Pope than getting a fast connection.I do however have cable in my road and was interested to hear that you have gone for Blueyonder as your ISP.

I am a home worker and I source, and supply electronic components. All my work arrives in the form of emails (usually with attachments) and I naturally spend hours surfing suppliers web sites for information. For this I use Internet Explorer as my web browser and Outlook Express as my email program. It is essential that I do not change Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 8

Once again this week I will answer a selection of letters from my mailbag.

With reference to your column in the Herald Express regarding the AVG virus checker.I went to the site as suggested but to download the software entails giving out my name and address - How secure is this?

Keith Wheatley, via e-mail

Obviously in the days of mass spamming by many a company to try and persuade you to purchase a variety of products, it is often necessary to use vigilance whilst browsing the Internet to ensure that your contact details don’t fall into the wrong hands.I do however believe that there is a point on which you can verge on paranoia, and I believe you cross this when you start wondering whether to give a reputable company your e-mail address so that it can send you a Read the rest

Blueyonder Internet Access Part 3

This letter arrived in my inbox last week which I thought I’d respond to in Click since I did promise the full lowdown on the Telewest Broadband Service a couple of weeks back once I’d had it installed.

I was just reading your column in the Herald Express (our cuttings take a little time to reach us!) and I am glad you decided to get Telewest Broadband telephone and Internet services installed.I was just wondering if you are happy with the services - if you need any other information about broadband by all means do give me a shout.

Rachel Turner, Head of PR, Telewest Broadband

Now the fact that scares me somewhat is that the Head of PR for a huge company such as Telewest reads my little column on a Saturday and it’s now got me interested in what Read the rest