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Why Recycle?

Sorry to start off this article with what may seem like a blatant an advert but those of you who have looked at our website will have found that although we sell compatible cartridges for Epson, Canon, Xerox and most other printers, those made by HP or Lexmark are branded as ‘reconditioned’ cartridges.What exactly does reconditioned mean and how does it affect you?

Hewlett Packard and Lexmark have patented the head design on their cartridges so it is illegal for compatible cartridge companies to make low cost copies of them.Epson, Canon and the other manufactures cartridges don’t actually contain a print head; they are just plastic and ink which slots into the printer so they cannot claim copyright as ink and plastic isn’t an original product as such.From the viewpoint of HP and Lexmark, you can see the obvious benefits as Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 9

Once again I’m going to take the time out to answer a selection of readers’ questions that I have received recently:

I do a regular disc clean up as I have no got a very large hard disc, and come across a file called INDEX in my temporary internet file\content.IE5\.I see it contains 1.5 MB so would like to clear it but am unable to access it.It has only appeared since I upgraded to Windows ME but I suspect is has been lurking elsewhere under another guise and so I would appreciate any advice.Thank you and congratulations on an interesting column.

John Cadman, via E-mail

The index.dat file keeps a list of all websites visited on the computer, cookies that you have received and files downloaded but unfortunately it is not automatically cleared out when you delete the browser history, cookies Read the rest

How Stuff Works

We’ve all been in the situation; you’re sat down the pub or with at home with the family and the subject of conversation moves towards ‘how this work…..’ or ‘what does happens when…..’ and more often or not it is discovered that no one knows the answer so it is changed just as quickly as it began.Things aren’t that simple however so for the rest of the day you’re left with the nagging feeling that you want to know exactly how a compact disk works, how rainbows are formed or how exactly an Amish guy lives.

Luckily, as we all know the Internet is a vast archive of useful information although it is often hard for the beginner to find exactly what it is they are looking for through a search engine and so finding a good quality unbiased answer to Read the rest


Despite having done this article now for over two years now I have only just scratched the surface of the number of Internet sites offering good quality services free of charge and one additional site that recently crossed my mind was MultiMap which offers a number of free services relating rather unsurprisingly to the subject matter of maps.

Just head to and you’re instantly offered the option to search for a place to be mapped; simply enter in your place name or postcode and instantly a fairly detailed map of the area is drawn on to your screen.Once here you can zoom in to or out of map or scroll it in different directions so you can take a look at the topography of the place you have requested to look at so the most practical use for the majority Read the rest

Website Hosting

Once again I take a week to answer questions that my readers have recently put to me, focussing this week on Tony Venton who is interested in designing and maintaining his own website.

I am planning a web site as a hobby; a family album for those of my family spread around the world to keep them up to date with photos, stories and the such like so I have acquired FrontPage 2002 for this purpose but have to upgrade from my Windows 95 (which can’t run it) and a new PC is also well overdue.I am advised that I need Windows 2000 Professional for the task but I find that my Internet Service Provider does not have the necessary collection of software called Microsoft Server Extensions version 2002 which support hit counters, data collection, e-mailing, database processing and other FrontPage Read the rest