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Virus Hoaxes Part 2

Another week spent seemingly doing nothing but clearing viruses off the machines of others; in such a day and age everybody reading this article should have a virus checker and those of you that don’t should certainly download one now.

One thing that Windows is still missing which it really needs is a good quality internal virus checker that comes packaged with the Operating System but whether they would be allowed to or whether it would be considered to be anti-competitive is yet to be seen.Personally I would like to see a virus checker built in to every new version of Windows that is update whenever you visit the Windows Update site but also one that could also be disabled in case you wanted to use a third party manufacturer such as Symantec who make Norton Anti-Virus.I can’t think of a Read the rest

RPC Bug #2

Unbeknown to many users of the Windows XP Operating System is that it includes a perfectly capable piece of software that allows your computer to send and receives faxes using the modem built in to your computer.Of course I’m assuming that you, my reader are amongst the 99% of the population that do have a modem built into their computer and that you are not still stuck in the metaphorical ‘dark ages’

Accessing this useful utility is fairly simple but first it has to be installed so to do this, click on ‘Start’, ‘Settings’ and then ‘Control Panel’, ‘Add/Remove Programs’, ‘Add/Remove Windows Components’ and place a tick in the box labelled ‘Fax Services’.Click on next then insert your Windows XP CD-ROM, follow the onscreen instructions and the installation should complete.

To launch the software click on ‘Start’, ‘Programs’, ‘Accessories’, ‘Communications’, ‘Fax’ Read the rest


This week has been one of those weeks where there have been a million and one things to catch up on and so I was hoping for a fairly quiet week which would allow me to do this.Not likely; my phone has been ringing continuously with people all experiencing the same problem, a bug in Windows 2000 and XP that shuts down your computer when it’s connected to the Internet.Those afflicted will find that their computer will give them a message saying that it has to shut down and give you a short amount of time to save your work; usually around 30 seconds.

To avoid me repeating myself over and over I will dedicated Click this week to the removal of this problem as it is almost certain that half the Bay is panicking at this very moment.Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms then please follow these Read the rest

Kazaa Lite #2

At the time of writing it is apparently the hottest day of the year outside and personally I wouldn’t mind going down the beach for a little while since I’m having a fairly quiet day.This article therefore will be taken up mainly by an interesting letter that was sent to me which touches on a number of subjects that I have discussed recently.

Today I notice that after quite rightly plugging Spybot and AVG in previous weeks, you are now writing about Kazaa.Quite apart from the ethics of giving this piracy site free publicity, are you aware that Kazaa has a reputation for generating more viruses etc than probably any other site?

I can’t remember if you’ve already done it, but the least you should do now, is to remind your readers to install a personal firewall, particularly if they are Read the rest

Kazaa Lite

Fortunately I have recommended a number of free programs recently such as Spybot search and destroy and AVG anti virus that seem to have gone down well with my readers so thought that I wouldn’t break with tradition in recommending another piece of essential software.

I have spoken about Kazaa in the past; the free program used for sharing music and other files online but I personally found the adverts a bit of an annoyance.To rectify my problems I downloaded Kazaa Lite; essentially a rip off version of Kazaa with no built in advertising and since the program in general has matured somewhat since I first featured it in Click, I thought now would be a good time to re-review it.

By heading to the site, you are instantly greeted with a number of adverts but luckily once you Read the rest