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RPC Bug Part 3

I’m starting Click this week with an apology relating to the article that I published last week in which I mentioned an insurance quote I had received through Bartlett Davies Bicks and suggested that it was higher than I would have expected.This caused some upset and so I would like to point out that Bartlett Davies Bicks is an independent broker and the quotes they offer as with any other insurance company will vary from driver to driver.I didn’t intend to imply that they were uncompetitive in the market place as obviously this is not the case, rather that their quote just wasn’t suited for me personally.

Anyway, now that’s out the way, I’m going to repeat an article that I published some weeks ago as I’m still getting at least an e-mail a day with people asking me the same Read the rest

Car Insurance Online

Car insurance has always been one of those things that as a young person I have always had to pay through the nose for but when I got my new car last year and my current insurers, Bartlett Davies Bicks quoted me £3000 to continue the policy I thought that there must be a cheaper way and so being a fan of the Internet I went surfing.

Of course, the ideal insurer is one of those things that really does vary from person to person; a company that is good for one individual can be useless to another based on that companies quotation criteria.You can pretty much guarantee however that you’ll be able to save money by checking out the Internet as there is usually no middle man and the overheads of an Internet based insurer are bound to be lower Read the rest

MSN Messenger 6

I am still quite shocked at the number of people who don’t know about the existence of MSN Messenger which is built into many versions of Windows and also is freely available from handy little tool allows you to chat with people over the Internet, offering the spontaneity of a chat room crossed with the more personalised nature of e-mail.Once downloaded, you create a user name and password for yourself and then add other people to your list of ‘buddies’ who also have MSN Messenger so whenever they are connected to the Internet with the program running in the background then you can have a quick chat to them over the computer.

The latest incarnation of this little utility, version 6 was released not so long ago and so thought this would be the ideal time to cover not Read the rest

Broadband Religion

Okay, I’m not a particularly religious person but something on Sky News a couple of days ago caught my eye which I thought the religious readership I have would appreciate for it’s content and the agnostics amongst us would appreciate for a view on the ways the use of technology is becoming integrated into things that are quite traditional.

I am of course talking about the new website offered by St Philip and St James’ in Bath and sponsored by Telewest which allows people from all over the world to log on to the website and watch a sermon online.To be honest it seems a little bit much like a glorified commercial for the church and very little to do with actual worship but I suppose the same could be said about Songs of Praise and that doesn’t seem to Read the rest