Monthly Archives: November 2003

Duty Free Perfume

How fast the last year appears to have gone; It seems only weeks ago that I was looking forward to the start of summer and as I sit here, Christmas is looming just around the corner with barely a month left until the big day and although I have no idea how many shopping days that equates to, I’m sure that at least one of you has been bored enough to sit down and work it out already.

I thought that a good idea over the next couple of weeks would be to recommend sites that could be of help to you when buying presents for loved ones as there are plenty of savings to be made online.One such site I stumbled across recently after feeling absolutely fleeced by shopping for aftershave in Torquay is

Although the site name Read the rest

I would not by any means call myself an ‘investor’ although I do have a few hundred pounds invested in relatively high risk penny shares that I like to monitor more for fun than financial gain.Over the past few months there is one site that I’ve found myself heading back to over and over again and that is the website for the Financial Times (

Since it is such a useful resource and as there may be people reading who take the stock market far more seriously than myself I thought I’d take the time this week to discuss exactly what advantages this site could offer you.I’ll focus on the free areas of the site rather than the subscription areas and first and foremost has got to be the stock quote engine which gives you up to the minute Read the rest

Digital Camera

I’ve always been a fan of digital cameras as the way I see it they are helping encourage amateur photography in the lives of so many people as you no longer need a great deal of equipment to take fantastic photos; all you need is a semi decent digital camera, a computer and a good quality printer to get started.I have always held off buying one though as the way that I see it the only pictures that I would ever take would be when socialising and previously when I have taken a digital camera out it has felt as though I was carrying a bag of sugar in my right pocket which is not what you need when out on the town for an evening.

A friend suggested I looked at the Konica Revio C2 and whilst it doesn’t have Read the rest

New EU Legislation

This week Brendan Hanrahan requested that I give my two cents on an article that the Guardian published recently regarding new EU Legislation that would make downloading files or making copies of files, even if you are completely entitled to do so, illegal.The main thrust of the legislation is to prohibiting public access to devices that can be used for playing legitimately acquired but copy protected CD’s or DVD’s on your PC.

Let me just take a minute to explain how the current system works; you may notice that certain CD’s in the shops will now not play on PC’s and as such they contain appropriate warning messages stating this on the packaging.The system works by providing random spikes of data on the CD which a Hi-Fi would ignore but which would render the CD unreadable to the internal CD drive Read the rest