I believe that once again it’s that time where I should talk once again about the my complete inability to be able to get broadband seemingly anywhere in Torbay; many of you may remember my problems in securing this always on, fast Internet access at my old address and the miscommunication I endured from department to department of BT. First they decided that I could have it, then that I couldn’t, then I could before eventually resting on the decision that I (probably) could not – A process which took several months.
I’ve now moved to within a kilometer or so of the main exchange (the tolerated should be 5.5km) and it still appears that because of the quality of the line coming into my house or the distance that the cable detours before reaching my house that broadband access is little more than a dream to me. Once again, first they decided that I could have it so I went ahead and placed the order, only to find that three weeks later I phoned up to check their progress to find that they had ‘lost’ the order. I re-ordered and this time they failed the line test but didn’t actually bother to inform me of this fact – When I didn’t hear anything, I waited in a telephone queue for 15 minutes just to be told that I couldn’t receive it.

Thinking that enough was enough, I started thinking about going over to Telewest Eurobell – I hadn’t considered it in the past because I was outside of a Telewest covered area but now it appeared that I was able to receive their service in my new residence. A couple of quick checks confirmed that I wasn’t in a contract with BT so I decided to move my phone service over to Telewest (purely out of spite as I was so annoyed with BT at this point) and signed up to the Telewest Internet Service which I’ve seen in action on several customers machines in the past. They confirmed that I was able to receive both of these services at discounted rates to what BT would have been charging me and arranged for my number to be ported over to Telewest Eurobell and the Broadband to be installed in a week from now, both taking place in the same visit. Whether all will go to plan or not is obviously an entirely different matter but Mark at Telewest who took care of my order sounded confident that we wouldn’t have any troubles and not only that, a qualified engineer would come around to my house and show me how to set it up. Obviously this isn’t an essential for someone such as myself but for those of you who aren’t entirely computer literate, having an engineer visit your house is sure to be helpful.

I therefore decided that this week I would cover the Telewest Broadband product for those of you who are either with Telewest for your telephone service and don’t want to move to BT, with BT for your telephone service and can’t get ADSL on your current line or finally those who are with BT who could get ADSL but fancy saving themselves a bit of money.

Currently, Telewest Broadband costs £25 for activation which is a one off charge and includes all the equipment you need to get started, you then have a monthly charge of £25 (or £29.99 if you don’t want a Telewest Eurobell phone line) for your use of the service and this gives you always on, unmetered Internet access and download speeds up to ten times the speed of a conventional modem whilst still giving you the facility to use the phone and the Internet simultaneously. To put this into perspective, for a similar style service on BT the cost would be around £30 a month with the equipment and activation costing £85. All you really need in order to use the service is a free USB socket on your PC so that you can plug in the network card which as I mentioned comes inclusive as part of the package.

With bad experiences of conventional broadband solutions plaguing my mind and which I hasten to add are all usually provided by BT via a third party such as AOL, Freeserve or Tiscali, I would recommend that if you are in a Telewest enabled area that you have a good look at their service first before making a final decision. Officially named ‘Blueyonder’, full information can be found at www.blueyonder.co.uk or by phoning 0800 499994.

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