This week we have another bunch of answers to readers’ questions that have been recently posted to me via e-mail:

Chris, I do enjoy your articles in HE each Saturday and have picked up a great deal of useful info from you, especially the Free AVG Virus Scanner. I have visited your web site and will use it for ink when the time comes.
Is it possible that you could give me some advice with a problem that at present has me beat? My son-in-law has put together a very good website for the HMS Hermes Association of which I am a member and so far I have purchased a domain name for around £8; Unfortunately I have been unable to find a host anywhere on the net which will let me use this name for free or for very little cost on a yearly basis. I know that the Herald Express has a service for local organisations but I need to pitch this to national level and also to use the name that I have purchased. If you are able to let me have any suggestions I will be most grateful
Dave Bateman, via e-mail

The best free hosting package I’ve found so far definitely has to be Freeola and I can certainly vouch for them as I often use their service myself. I’ve looked at the company that you originally registered your domain name with and they don’t appear to make a transfer charge but check this out before you go ahead with your move to Freeola as many people will charge you a nominal admin fee.

The only cost you have with Freeola is the domain name renewal fee which is a bi-yearly charge of around £24 and the only stipulation they make is that you need to be connected to a Freeola dial up (local call charges apply) whilst you upload your webpages. The service is reliable (although not industry leading) and there is a national call rate helpline that you can call if you have any problems. For all my readers who already host or are thinking about hosting a website check them out at and as usual, if you have any further questions then just e-mail me!

Your article in the Herald Express is an excellent read every week. In regards to your recent article on the recycled printer cartridges, I have a couple of comments to make.
The EC directive to stop recycling printer supplies is a real threat and I do not believe in general that we have really given thought to the gains of recycling all of our waste. For example, what are the comparative savings to both ourselves and our planet when talking about waste disposal; is it better to take a car load of garden rubbish to Yalberton recycling centre of chop it up at home using an electric chopper and burning the rest on a bonfire?

Consider the cost in petrol, exhaust fumes and then ongoing transportation of the rubbish from Yalberton against the cost in electricity for a garden chopper and the smoke from an occasional bonfire. Does anyone consider making supermarkets and food manufacturers reduce packaging? They pay lip-service by giving a penny off for reusing plastic bags but this does not overcome the huge numbers of bags that go to the tip.

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