A niggling computer problem I’ve been living with recently just got a little too much and so the last 15 minutes have been spent looking for a solution which I thought may have been of interest to the majority of you. Specifically, the problem I was experiencing was a nasty piece of code called ‘Lop.com’ which meant that whenever an incorrect website was typed in to the address bar that the website lop.com would appear filled with adverts. So, for example if I misspelt Google and typed in www.goagle.co.uk rather than www.google.co.uk then I would be subjected to blatant advertising rather than the screen that used to come up saying that the page could not be found.

Quite a common complaint submitted by readers is intrusive software which often installs itself onto their systems with no easy way to remove it. Quite often the software contains questionable content such as pornographic links and it can be quite concerning if the computer is shared with other members of the family as there is often no way to delete the links that have been created. Although this wasn’t the problem in my case, I imagined that a program to remove ‘lop.com’ from my computer would also be able to go through and move other offensive software and so after doing a search of the Internet I managed to find a nice piece of software called ‘Spybot Search & Destroy’ which I promptly downloaded and installed on to my system.

Once you’ve started the program you should scan your system for spyware & adware which takes a couple of minutes to complete and the program then displays a list of the problems that it found on your system along with the option to automatically repair them. It’s surprising how much rubbish many of you will have running in the background constantly as I keep a regularly clean out junk applications and the program managed to detect at least a dozen or so rouge applications installed on my hard drive. By removing them you can free up valuable system resources and also make your computer slightly more pleasant to use and an important point to note is that the software does make a backup as it goes along so if you find that certain programs won’t work anymore then you can always restore your system to how it was previously. Once you’ve cleaned out all the rubbish which has then the program has the option to immunise your system which installs preventative measures to help prevent rouge software from installing itself again.

If you head to https://security.kolla.de/ then the file is 3.5Mg in size so even on a 56k connection it should only take 10 minutes or so to download and the best news is that it’s completely free of charge although the author does ask for a donation if you find it helpful. To conclude, one of the most annoying areas of the modern Internet is the large number of programmers on the Internet who believe that it is acceptable to install useless software on to your computer without your permission and without any easy way to uninstall just so they can make some quick money. Much of this software exposes you to constant pop up advertising without your permission or tracks your browsing habits so I personally believe that any program which tries to kerb this abuse has to be worth installing.

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