Once again, I’m going to use this article as a forum for readers questions and comments especially the following question that has been submitted by a large number of my readers which relates to the Spybot (https://security.kolla.de) program that I have been recommending that everybody download to remove ad ware. On the whole the response has been fantastic although there do appear to be problems on certain computers as the following reader will testify:

I was very interested in your article last week and promptly downloaded Spybot Search and Destroy. I thought that there was no problem until I tried to access it and an ERROR STARTING PROGRAM box appeared which stated “a required DLL file. WS2_32.DLL was not found.” Could you please tell me if this was a file that was not downloaded, although I uninstalled and downloaded a second time, or is it a fault with my computer and if so what could have happened to this file and how can I get it back ?
Sorry to bother you in this way, but I really feel my computer would benefit greatly from this free software and I am really disappointed that I am unable to access it.
Malcolm Algar, Torquay
This problem is caused by users running certain variants of Windows 95 that don’t have the Winsock (Windows Sockets) update installed and the good news is that it’s completely free to download from Microsoft. For download instructions go to https://security.kolla.de then click on ‘FAQ’ and then on ‘Are there any problems using SpyBot-S&D under Windows 95?’ – I would print the link to directly reach the file location on the Microsoft website however the address is so long that it would take up half this article.

I have noticed that my newly purchased Epson printer has IC chips on the cartridges and as these make them more expensive than normal cartridges I am wondering what purpose they serve; do they serve a useful purpose, or are they just a gimmick to make me pay more for cartridges?
John Cadman, via E-mail.
Epsons official standing on the situation is that the chips are there to measure the Ink Levels in the printer so that they can be accurately relayed back to the printer or computer and have nothing to do with cost considerations. The chips conveniently don’t allow for an increase in ink however so you will find that if your cartridge is empty and you try to refill it then the chip will continue telling the printer that it is empty hence making a full cartridge useless.
I personally think that the real reason these chips were included was to stop people refilling from home and although there are ways around the system, when you can get compatible cartridges including the chips from us for around a fiver though why would you bother refilling anyway?

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