My article last week on Blueyonder struck a chord with a number of readers who thought they would write to confirm that they’ve had good experiences with the Telewest Blueyonder service and one such reader is Mr. Hare whose letter I shall print below.

Having read your Herald Express column today I am pleased to see that you have stumbled across Blueyonder at last - I have followed your rantings over BT broadband over the last few months and often wondered who you hadn’t mentioned Telewest Blueyonder.
Personally, I am fortunate to live in a cabled area of Torquay and have been with Eurobell/Telewest for a couple of years and with Blueyonder Broadband since it first became available in September.
You ask about horror stories? I haven't got any - Blueyonder broadband is fast and reliable; my own website is hosted on Freenetname but forwards to my personal web space on Blueyonder so I can update it using broadband which is very fast and transforms the website maintenance process into an enjoyable experience. Please feel free to check out my website which I designed myself, initially with Microsoft FrontPage but now moving to Dreamweaver MX at
Incidentally, I have just looked at your website and checked you out for printer cartridges. I note you quote very low prices for the Epson 740 - Are you sure about them, if so I'll be buying from you. Do you stock cartridges for Epson C62 yet? Best wishes with your column.
Tony Hare, via E-mail
Although this is going to seem like a fabricated letter in order for me to comment on my cartridge distribution side of my business, I guarantee that this letter from Mr. Hare is genuine! Anyway, I will start by talking about Blueyonder who are still set to install at my house on Friday 24th of this month (It’s Tuesday 21st as I write). It seems like the service provided by Telewest is reliable, fairly cheap and best of all, it comes with all the equipment you need to set it up and a qualified engineer will come around to your come to set it all up for you. For those of you in a Telewest cabled area, I recommend you have a look by going to and let me know how you get along, the good points and the bad. I’ll let you know how my installation has gone in next weeks Click and we’ll eventually establish the best broadband deals to be had in Torbay.
As for the cartridges that you speak of on my website, these are what are known as ‘compatible’ cartridges which are available on the market for a substantially lower price than their brand name counterparts. This is primarily because when you purchase a printer from your local stockist, the manufacturer doesn’t really make a profit on the actual sale of the machine as they plan to make their money by then selling you printer cartridges which cost pennies to make for around £20 every time you need more ink.

Imagine the situation where you get another manufacturer to come along who can make these printer cartridges to the same specification but doesn’t have to worry about recouping the small amount of profit initially made on the printer and think how the cost of the cartridges could be bought down; this essentially explains the idea of compatible cartridges to you. All the cartridges we stock are made to, or exceed the manufacturers’ specifications and are widely considered to be amongst the best compatible cartridges available on the market. Check out the prices online at, where you’ll find Epson cartridges starting at £2.89, Canon cartridges from £1.99 and also the full range of recycled HP cartridges. Payment can be taken online by credit card or paid by cheque, all our prices include next day delivery and if you are not completely satisfied, the cartridges can be returned for a full refund. I should state that these cartridges are available from other sources but Refresh Systems is probably one of the cheapest sources of these cartridges, not only locally but also nationally and we will attempt to match any price.

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