This letter arrived in my inbox last week which I thought I’d respond to in Click since I did promise the full lowdown on the Telewest Broadband Service a couple of weeks back once I’d had it installed.

I was just reading your column in the Herald Express (our cuttings take a little time to reach us!) and I am glad you decided to get Telewest Broadband telephone and Internet services installed. I was just wondering if you are happy with the services - if you need any other information about broadband by all means do give me a shout.
Rachel Turner, Head of PR, Telewest Broadband
Now the fact that scares me somewhat is that the Head of PR for a huge company such as Telewest reads my little column on a Saturday and it’s now got me interested in what the Head of PR for BT thinks of my recent comments regarding the sheer disorganization and lack of communication that occurs when a customer opts to get an ADSL service installed in their home. To be quite honest though, I’m not really too bothered as I think I’ve found the perfect service for me in the shape of Telewest Broadband.

Before I start, I’ll mention that Eurobell is now a part of Telewest, so if you keep wondering who this new company is that I’m talking about then just bear in mind that if you were a Eurobell customer then you really are now a Telewest customer. As those of you who’ve tried to get Eurobell in the past will testify, the biggest problem for potential customers is that they only provide services in certain areas of the country and indeed certain areas of the bay. Whereas all existing Telewest phone customers are guaranteed to be able to receive the broadband product, current BT or NTL customers should check their area for availability for phone, Internet and TV services by going to

It took a week to move my number from BT and to also install Broadband into my home - The engineer turned up on time and kindly offered to set up my laptop for me, whereas if I’d have been able to get ADSL in my area then I’d have had to do it myself. The price itself is very good as for the £50 activation fee you get the cable modem included (standard connection for ADSL is £85 including the modem) and then if you subscribe to the Telewest phone service as well (which I’d recommend as it’s cheaper than BT), then you’re looking at just £25 per month to maintain broadband compared with £27-£30 for ADSL based services. If you don’t subscribe to their telephone service then you’re still only looking at £29.99 a month which is on par with the majority of ADSL providers.

One of the main advantages of the Blueyonder network is that you can connect straight into their modem either using RJ-45 Network cable or a USB lead which allows you to use their service without having to do a simulated dial up as is required by ADSL modems; you simply turn on the computer and broadband access is there for you immediately. In addition, and this could just be my optimistic side coming out here, I have found the Blueyonder connection speeds to be slightly faster than those of ADSL although unfortunately the 1Mb service isn’t down in this area as of yet.

Their helpdesk appears to answer most calls fairly promptly and the best news is of course that they’re free of charge to call. In addition, you also get the standard features of 5 e-mail addresses, 30Mb of web space and so on as well as access to the new service which they’re trailing known as Xbox live. This service looks as if it could be of good use to those who wish to use their Xbox for online gaming over a broadband connection – I don’t have sufficient room left to explain this product in detail so please e-mail me if you’re interested and I’ll forward all the relevant information.

I’m going to close this week by apologizing for the proof reading error that went uncorrected last week as we attempted to fit my entire website address on to one line which unfortunately, it wouldn’t and so the address was hyphenated to as the remaining half of the address continued on to the next line. The correct address should be, so please, if you tried last week and couldn’t get connected then try again this week to start making huge savings on your inkjet cartridge purchases.

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