I’ve talked before about ways to get the most from your inkjet printer but now that we’ve started selling compatible toner cartridges on our website it seemed like a good time to recap exactly how much you could be saving by making a wise choice for your printing needs from day one.

When it comes to inkjet printer cartridges a lot of people are at a loss as to what to buy or they just assume that all printers irrespective of make or model cost approximately the same to buy replacement cartridges for when they run out of ink. That is not the case and the public should be cautious about what to buy should they wish to benefit from cheaper running costs in the long run. Let’s take the four major printer manufactures; Epson, Canon, HP and Lexmark and see where they stand when the honeymoon period of owning your new printer is over and you have to folk out for a new cartridge.

Two of the manufactures mentioned above, namely Canon and Epson use inkjet cartridges which are as simple as they sound; plastic cartridges filled with ink with very little in the way of anything technical as all of this is taken care of by the printer. This does mean, fortunately for us that the cartridge is so simple and unoriginal that cannot be copyrighted hence compatible copies can be made which conform to the same specifications as the manufactures originals but cost a fraction of the price.

Lexmark and HP cartridges include the guts of the printer inside every cartridge that you buy; something known as the print head which gets replaced every time you replace your cartridge but in many opinions offers no increase in the print quality. Because this print head constitutes an original product HP and Lexmark then proceed to copyright the design so no one can make compatible products and they have to resort to a process known as remanufacturing which is a lot more costly.

Matters are made worse as most buyers don’t check the capacity of the cartridges that fit the printer that they are considering for purchase. Take for example a new black cartridge for the recently released HP 3420 printer which contains just 10ml of ink whereas a standard Epson C82 black cartridge contains 36ml of ink. In addition, because you can purchase compatible cartridges for the Epson C82 you are looking to pay a fraction of the price for a cartridge that holds nearly 4 times as much ink.

I’m not passing judgement on HP and Lexmark printers as they do produce good machines but taking a few minutes to check out the price of replacements can save you hundreds in the long run and obviously if you are ever in doubt just check out our webpage as we do stock a comprehensive range of inkjet and toner cartridges.

Personally I resent paying high costs for consumables; I’ve just bought a new laser printer for the office and sold the old one as it wouldn’t accept compatible toners and in doing so I’m now set to save £75 every time I buy a new cartridge. I would also only now buy a printer that could accept compatible cartridges such as an Epson or a Canon printer and if you were to take a sample of the people in my family or friend group then you’d find very few of then that have been allowed to buy the more expensive machines.

If you purchased a printer that seemed like a bargain at the time or even if it came free with your computer then bear in mind that although you were practically given it in the first instance, the manufacturer is laughing all the way to the bank every time you need a new cartridge.

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