I’ve always been a fan of digital cameras as the way I see it they are helping encourage amateur photography in the lives of so many people as you no longer need a great deal of equipment to take fantastic photos; all you need is a semi decent digital camera, a computer and a good quality printer to get started. I have always held off buying one though as the way that I see it the only pictures that I would ever take would be when socialising and previously when I have taken a digital camera out it has felt as though I was carrying a bag of sugar in my right pocket which is not what you need when out on the town for an evening.

A friend suggested I looked at the Konica Revio C2 and whilst it doesn’t have anywhere near the functions of a high end digital camera it does absolutely everything I need it to. The Revio C2 costs around £120 in the shops but I managed it for best part of £100 including postage from a fantastic website I found at www.pixmania.com.

The camera is only 1.3 mega pixels and includes a mediocre 14mg of internal memory (which isn’t expandable) but ultimately I love this camera for a number of reasons. Primarily the size of the unit is that of a credit card in both its width and height but unlike a credit card it is 14mm deep. The camera weighs in at 70g which is far lighter than the majority of mobile phones and at less than £100 I wouldn’t be too annoyed if I were to take it out for a night and lose it. Obviously I wouldn’t be impressed if this were to happen but it would bother me far less than taking out a high end £400 digital camera and losing it which has always put me off taking one out when a couple of drinks are involved.

The camera is powered by 2 x AAA batteries and connects to your computer via a USB cable; there is no software provided as the camera is just shown on the PC as ‘Drive E’ so you can then copy files on and off of the unit as if it were a floppy disk. Additional features include a 1.6” LCD display so you can preview pictures you’ve taken, a 2x digital zoom, time & date recorder, built in flash, auto standby and auto timer. That’s it though; there are no other features and if it weren’t so small that it could quite easily get lost in the bottom of my pocket and if it didn’t look quite so cool then this would be a poor camera in todays day and age.

One thing that this camera does prove is that what is perfect for one person is completely unsuitable for another; a digital photographer would scoff at my little camera but for me it is perfect; small, cool and affordable whilst still taking pictures to a more than adequate standard.

Even if you are looking to purchase a different model of camera then I would still recommend that you check out the website mentioned at the beginning of this article as they do seem to be a good source of camera deals and they do cover most brands.

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