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Nokia N-Gage

I remember the days when a mobile phone was exactly what it said on the tin; my very first mobile was a Nokia 5110 which I purchased shortly after they first came out and at the time it was an incredible phone – ‘lightweight’, ‘well specced’ and ‘user friendly’ although by modern standards it is considered heavy and very under featured.Some of the older generation who remember when a mobile phone weighed approximately the same as a fully grown badger would say that I’m wrong to mock my very first mobile but when I compare it to the models available on the market now I wonder how I was so proud to be seen in public with it.

Fast forward to the year 2004 and we see people carrying the fairly new Nokia N-Gage handset which resembles anything other than a Read the rest

Search Engine Optimising #3

After following the last 2 weeks articles you should be in a position where you’ve optimised your site for the search engines, successfully submitted it and worked out a strategy to enable your site to be picked up by all the smaller engines by creating a number of links to your site from external pages which the search engines can follow.

This week we’re going to look at ways to monitor how your search engine optimisation is going as this will allow you to check that everything is working properly and also to improve the techniques you are using to create maximum exposure.

Use a Hitcounter – Hitcounters are extremely useful when determining where your traffic is coming from and how many people are visiting your site on a daily basis.One useful and free counter that I have found is the Read the rest

Search Engine Optimising #2

Last week we started talking about how you can get your site listed well on the major search engines by following just a few simple rules, starting with how to optimise your page to be seen through the eyes of a search engine.This week we’re moving on by assuming that your site is now optimised but not listed and so we’ll be covering the tactics involved in getting the search engines to pay you that important initial visit.Listen closely and all will become clear.

-Arrange reciprocal links.Many search engines find sites to add to their databases through jumping from site to site by following links from another page.For example if I were to put a link to you on my page then eventually most the search engines that use ‘spiders’ should find you just by jumping on to your page Read the rest

Search Engine Optimising

Search engines are fickle beasts but ultimately you’re going to want to learn how to tame them if you have a website that you want people to be able to find.There are plenty of people out there with fantastic sites but unfortunately if they’re not listed in the search engines then even the best sites will more than likely remain undiscovered.Refresh Cartridges enjoyed a surge of hits recently when Google, the worlds most popular search engine placed our site at the top of their lists when a user searched for the word ‘cartridge’ - it stayed this way for 2 weeks before someone else knocked us off but I know that we’ll be back.

Having spent the last year running a Internet mail order business I know a few things about getting a site listed in the search engines and for Read the rest

Anti Spy ware and Virus Checking

With all the Christmas and New Year celebrations and work that has resulted due to Christmas sales, I’m struggling to get everything tied up and so I thought it would be nice this week if I were to reprint an article I wrote months ago which many of my readers found particularly helpful but also many of you also missed.This essential piece of software mentioned below really should be downloaded and installed by everybody reading this article along with the free version of the AVG Anti-virus checker which I’ve also been recommending in the past year.

Quite a common complaint submitted by readers is intrusive software which often installs itself onto their systems with no easy way to remove it.Quite often the software contains questionable content such as pornographic links and it can be quite concerning if the computer is shared Read the rest