Monthly Archives: February 2004

BT Backup

It is very rare that BT does something to impress me but this week has been an exception.For some time now I have been worried about what were to happen if my computer were to fail; I’ve made the occasional backup onto DVD-R but apart from that I’m pretty much unprotected should my computer crash, were stolen or destroyed.Backing up onto physical media such as a CD/DVD or tape has a number of drawbacks, most notably that if the physical media is kept in the same location as the computer itself then should the building be burnt down or ransacked by a burglar then you’d still be in exactly the same position as if you hadn’t have bothered making any backups at all.With three years of accounts on the machine, to say that I would be displeased if such an event Read the rest


As those who know me will testify, I’m always the fan of the underdog - If there are two companies developing products then you’ll always see me routing for the smaller of the two for several reasons.I believe that as long as you have two serious competitors then a market will never become stagnant as there’ll always be someone upping the ante.In the business world a monopoly is a very dangerous thing for a company to hold and when I hear about a smaller company biting at the heals of a larger counterpart it brings a smile to my face.

This is especially true of Microsoft as although I will openly admit to using their products on a daily basis, I always want there to be someone to challenge them in everything that they do.This is why I want Sony to Read the rest

Google Toolbar

As many of my readers will know, Google is by far my favourite search engine and a free tool that has been available for all users of Google for some time now certainly deserves a mention in Click.The Google toolbar which is available from is a small utility which integrates and becomes an add in for Internet Explorer which adds a number of features to your browsing experience.Some of which I’ve highlighted below:

-Pop up blocker: By far my favourite feature; quite simply the Google toolbar sits in the background and prevents websites from popping windows up whilst you’re browsing the Internet.These windows are more than likely to contain adverts and they’re also more than likely to annoy you so this is definitely something worth activating.Of course, if you do want a website to be allowed to pop up Read the rest

Pigment Based Inks

In the business I’m in there has been a lot of talk recently about ‘pigmented ink’ going into printer cartridges and although not many people actually know what pigmented ink is, it seems that everyone is being told that they want it.I thought it was time to inform people of the benefits of pigmented ink as it is a very exciting development in inkjet printer design and so it is worth knowing what it can offer you.

Conventionally printer cartridge inks have been dye based which consists of de-ionized water as the solvent, isopropyl alcohol or glycol as the drying agent, and dye base to provide the colour.There are a couple of major problems with dye based inks which we’ll discuss shortly but there is a new alternative becoming available in the form of the aforementioned pigmented ink.Pigmented inks use small Read the rest