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Opera browser

After this instalment of Click many readers may be convinced that I’m on a mission to replace all the Microsoft products on your computer with those created by other manufactures but you would be quite wrong.Whilst it is true that I quite often suggest alternative products to those such as Media Player which are built into Windows, it is for good reason and certainly not anything against Microsoft.I do believe that for technology to continue to progress that there should always be a great deal of competition and unfortunately if everybody sticks to the software included as part of Windows then this simply wouldn’t happen as other manufacturers will have no incentive to continue developing software.

This week I’ll be covering an alternative to a product that has landed Microsoft in plenty of hot water of late and that is of Read the rest

Removing start-up programs

I think in the past I’ve mentioned about the importance of keeping track of all the applications the Windows loads automatically on start-up as having an abundance of them can seriously slow down your machine.Your PC has a set amount that it can process and obviously if you have a lot of stuff that you don’t really want loading when you start the PC and then staying in the background performing pointless activities then your computer will inevitably slow down.It is akin to buying a brand new sports car and then loading it up with 400 bricks before the start of every journey.

Unfortunately keeping track of these programs that isn’t particularly easy as most of them will be installed without you having requested them; examples of such programs are those that pop-up adverts on a regular basis, spyware, viruses and Read the rest

Winamp add-ins

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that you download the fantastic Winamp 5 ( as a possible alternative to Windows Media Player which is a program, although perfectly capable and indeed free, could do with some enhancing.For those of your with your heads thoroughly in the sand I should state that the core function of both the programs listed above is to allow you to play media (audio/visual) files on your PC.

What I didn’t realise until a reader Ian McMillan pointed it out to me was quite how many skins were available to customise the program to suit your particular taste.On further inspection I found a vast collection of visualisations and plug-ins which could be downloaded to further enhance this great little program and I thought it would be nice to spend this week introducing some of what is Read the rest

Readers Questions Part 13

Once again I’m taking the time out this week to help my readers with any problems they’ve been experiencing.

I am writing to take up your offer of advice made in your column in the Herald Express.I have a problem with my PC and need to re format it, which means I will lose everything on it.

I can write all my documents etc to a CD and write those back on when the system is reformatted, no problem.The problem I have is with my Outlook Express, this contains files containing a huge amount of emails which are vital and I cannot afford to loose them, but I do not think I can write these to a disc, and if I could, can I then write them back onto the files on Outlook Express when I reload the program.

Can you Read the rest