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DVD Writing #2

Last weeks article regarding DVD writing prompted a letter from one of my regular readers Jean Birkett asking for some more information as to what the differences were between the DVD-R and DVD+R standards.My knowledge on the subject was fairly limited so I’ve substantiated a lot of this article with various Internet sources which I’m assuming to be accurate but obviously if you disagree with any part of this article then do please let me know!

The DVD-R Format

The DVD-R Format (pronounced DVD R or DVD dash R, NOT DVD minus R) was initially developed by Pioneer and is now the official format of the DVD forum; the group that controls the specifications and licensing for the DVD logo.The DVD Forum was founded by Mitsubishi, Sony, Hitachi, and Time Warner so it has tremendous industry support for its technical standards.The Read the rest

DVD Writing

I’ve had a long history of dealing with a locally based company SVP Communications which dates back to the days that I was at college and used to go around to the owners flat and pick up black CD’s and the such that he used to sell from his garage.Time moves on however and just a few years later SVP has grown into one of the largest nationwide distributors of blank CD’s, DVD’s and all associated hardware.

Browsing their site today I discovered an NEC 2500 DVD rewriter for sale at an amazing £55.99 and so the thought struck me that now was the time to write an article on DVD writing since previously I haven’t touched on it too heavily as it was always considered to be an expensive pastime.The first thing to mention is that at this price the Read the rest

Online Betting

Last night my new best friend Wayne Rooney scored a fantastic two goals against Switzerland in what was an overly lacklustre match made slightly more interesting for me by the fact that I’d visited a few hours previously and placed a small bet on England winning the game.

Before anybody writes a letter to the editor claiming that I’m encouraging gambling I should say that personally I believe it can be a very bad habit but I don’t see the harm in placing the occasional bet that you can afford to lose for a bit of fun.Obviously the Internet is a good forum for online betting as you can research whatever it is that you are about to bet on, make the payment online and then if you get lucky you can collect your winnings online.

The Ladbrokes site stuck Read the rest

Online virus scan

My idea last week of starting a dating agency for virus programmers so that they have something better to do with their lives than annoying normal hardworking people had a very good response however I’m afraid that I’m going to have to put this on hold for the time due to time restraints.First, I’m sorry to bang on for yet another month about viruses; I do promise that this is the last time for a while but it still seems that many of you are becoming infected with viruses which is needless when you consider that protection is available free of charge.

At present I am receiving around 20 (twenty) viruses a day via e-mail and the reason for this is that many customers and readers are infected and as such the virus is picking my e-mail address off of their Read the rest

Telewest Broadband

I am often asked for my opinions on the different broadband suppliers available and every time I am forced to say that by far the best broadband product that I have ever come across would have to be the one provided by Telewest.Unfortunately it doesn’t get a great deal of publicity by any of the major magazines or papers as it isn’t available for everybody; only those in a Telewest area.This of course means that there will be a number of people reading now who will not be able to receive the service that I’m about to talk about but those that can should continue reading.

I have discussed the ‘Blueyonder’ broadband package by the telephone company Telewest in the past but due to numerous improvements in their pricing structure I thought it was time for me to talk about them Read the rest

Sasser Virus

This week I’ve been considering setting up a dating agency for virus programmers; in my opinion if we could get them out of the house and into social circles then they wouldn’t spend their Saturday nights creating viruses such as the Sasser worm which I’ve had to spend this week removing from various computers around the bay.Unfortunately I believe this could be a short lived dating agency as I’d imagine that the majority of virus programmers would be spotty adolescent boys but it’s still something worth thinking about nevertheless.

Anyway, there is no time to be bitter, the Sasser worm is out in the wild and has already infected tens of thousands of machines so what do we do now to protect ourselves or to remove any traces of it if we are already infected?Luckily it only really affects Windows XP Read the rest

Fitness and Weight Loss

There comes a time in every mans life where he feels it’s about time that he got himself back into shape; for most men this urge lasts for a couple of days before the beer and fags take over and he is back at stage one but in my instance this feeling has lasted for a whole 10 days now.I remember back in my youth when I used to spend pretty much an hour a day playing squash for a period of around 3 years and I never felt run down or tired.Now if I were to have a single session on a squash court I feel that the paramedics may have to be called to carry me to the hospital.

I am lucky in the respect that I never put on weight no matter how much I eat or drink Read the rest

Reader question.

Once again I’ll be spending this week answering a question recently sent in by one of my readers.

Just to inform you that I recently bought a #17 Black cartridge from Lexmark for my Lexmark X1160 printer from Argos in Torquay, I am very disappointed with the Lexmark brand as it seems to have lasted only a few weeks with only probably 50 x A4 printouts.Can you tell me if this is usual and what is the difference between the cartridge numbers 16 & 17 Black or the 26 & 27 Colour in respect of longevity?Can you give me any suggestions for a decent replacement set of cartridges for my machine?

Tom Blakesley, Paignton

For some reason the majority of the people in Paignton seem to own Lexmark printers and so I Read the rest