Monthly Archives: September 2004

What’s on When

There are many things in this world that continue to amaze me every single day that I’m alive but few of these astound me as much as my parents seeming obsession with their camper van.Pretty much every weekend they’ll head off into pastures new in what would appear a random pattern; they’ll drive until weary and then hitch up the camper van in a car park or camp site to stay the night before exploring the local area and events the next day.

I have often wondered what goes in to planning these trips as disappointingly my father isn’t psychic and I was sure that there must be more than simple guesswork and random thinking.Recently it has become apparent that perhaps the true mastermind behind these decisions is indeed not my father but the Internet site

I would imagine that Read the rest

Manufacturer Updates

I received the letter below a week or so back following on from my advice for readers to upgrade their copies of Windows XP to the newly released Service Pack 2.I thought this users experience would serve as a good example to explain how the majority of problems can be solved or explained by a simple visit to the manufacturers’ website.

I was wondering if you could help me with a problem that I have been experiencing since downloading Windows XP Service Pack 2.Being a fairly novice computer user I downloaded this update after reading your column and now I can’t get my CD writer to work.I am using Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic 5 and as I have not had any problems before I was wondering if have you any ideas as I currently can’t back up some important photos.Read the rest

One of my favourite sites on the Internet has to be the online auction page eBay.Over the past year I have seen not only myself but also my friends and family save hundreds of pounds by buying discounted new or used products online and then in turn selling bits and pieces that are no longer need for a reasonable price.

After my article last week on DAB radio I went out and bought a brand new Blaupunkt car stereo off of eBay and saved about £90 or so when compared with the best high street price that I found in Torbay.To my delight the guy had actually accidentally oversold the model that I ordered and as he had ran out of stock he upgraded me to a superior free of charge.This resulted in me obtaining a boxed stereo that would have Read the rest

DAB Digital Radio

A few weeks back I looked at the advantages of Digital TV over conventional terrestrial TV and concluded for the small cost of upgrade that it was certainly worth the small investment of £50 or so in order to receive the new high quality digital stations. This argument was strengthened by the fact that before long conventional TV transmissions will be terminated and so the only way to continue to receive TV would be through one of the methods mentioned in the article.

That particular instalment of Click prompted a number of questions regarding Digital Radio and whether I thought that was a worthwhile investment or not at this stage in its development.This would usually be a question that I wouldn’t be qualified to answer but ever since a friend of mine purchased a DAB radio for his car I have Read the rest