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After seeing a poor white Peugeot toppled over completely by the wind and waves along Paignton seafront on Wednesday evening I thought it would be nice to be topical and relate this article to the weather somehow.I must be honest in saying that this is possibly going to turn into one of my least enthusiastic articles to date as unfortunately I am not even remotely interested in the weather; as far as I’m concerned I wake up in the morning whatever the weather is like is fine with me.At the end of the day there is nothing that we can do to control the weather so I personally feel that unless it is something really important like a flood or hurricane most the time there is little point in the man on the street worrying what lies ahead.

Having said that, Read the rest

Cooking guides

As anyone who knows me will testify, I am a long way from Masterchef standards.In fact, it would be fair to say that in the few years I’ve been living away from home that the local takeaways must have experienced a sharp rise in sales due to my inability to work a stove.

After deciding to cook a meal from scratch a few nights ago I consulted my favourite resource to see if there were any websites that could suggest some interesting recipes to try out.A quick search on Google returned the site which was packed to the brim with interesting food related resources and hence a perfect candidate for a website review in Click.

Starting in the recipes section of the site you are invited to type in a keyword so that you can refine the search of meals Read the rest


I have been intrigued by the number of sites that have recently been sprouting up on the Internet that are running online video rental services and so have taken the liberty of signing up to several trials to try and establish whether signing up to such a service is worthwhile.

One particular site stood out as being one of the most promising and this was provided by a company called ‘ScreenSelect’ so hence I will be reviewing this site today and ignoring some of the smaller players in the market.The idea of the service is relatively simple; you pay £14.99 a month and in return you visit and make a list of the movies that you want to watch which they will then send you at a rate of three movies at a time.Once you have finished watching a particular Read the rest

PC Anywhere

I have several PC’s that I need to use in my office and at home but in order to minimise effort moving between them continuously I have been using a piece of software called PC Anywhere to manage these machines remotely if for example I need to retrieve an e-mail from one of them or access a program or an account which is on one machine but not the other.

PC Anywhere has been around for many years and is presently shipping up to version 11 but and what specifically prompted me to write this article today is that Symantec, the manufacturers of the program are offering free beta test copies of version 11.5 on their website.For those unaware of what beta test software is, I should explain that it is simply an unfinished version of the software that is released Read the rest


This week the following question has prompted me to revise and republish an article that I printed last year as I believe that the program I recommend should still be one that all users have installed on their machine.

A question I have been asked recently about Broadband & Premium phone number pop-ups; is there anyway of telling whether a pop-up during surfing or of inadvertently wandering on to a Premium site can be avoided.The reason for me asking is of course obvious as I want to avoid the kids, Granny etc running up my phone bill unbeknown to me.This of course can happen on both broadband & Dialup connection.

Tom Blakesley, via E-mail

Before we start I think it is quite important to note that this issue would not affect broadband; there is no way that a broadband modem can Read the rest

Red Letter Days

It’s that time of year again that the more organised amongst us start thinking about what we’re going to buy our loved ones for Christmas.Personally I like leaving everything to the last minute and then doing the whole lot in one fell swoop but this doesn’t appeal to the majority of people so over the next couple of weeks I’ll be giving you some suggestions relating to sites on the Internet that can help with your festive purchases.

We start this week with a site that I visited after receiving a 50 page booklet from Red Letter Days last week.The idea is that rather than simply buying jumpers and socks this year why not consider giving a ‘experience’ that will be remembered for years to come?The advantages of giving such a gift is that although you have nothing asides from a Read the rest

Wikipedia Part 2

I can’t exactly remember what I was looking for at the time but somehow last week I managed to come across what can only be described as a remarkable website pretty much by accident.The site in question is the comprehensive online encyclopaedia Wikipedia ( which is a non profit site written primarily by reader input and funded by user donations.

Wikipedia was started back in January 2001 and this September announced that in this short space of time that the 1 millionth article had already been added to its database.For those interested where the site gets its’ name from, I will explain that curious name comes about as ‘Wiki’ is the software used by the contributors when they write the articles that are then added to the database.

When I first discovered this page I started testing by typing in the Read the rest