Being quite fond of both music and driving I went out last year and bought myself a shiny CD player for my car which could read CD’s crammed full of MP3’s. This meant that rather than reading the CD in the usual way, the player was able to read compressed MP3’s that I’d put onto the disk from my PC and typically using this format I was able to store around a dozen albums on one CD. This comes in handy as when driving you don’t want to be fishing about around locating and changing over CD’s as obviously this could result in a nasty accident.

This player wasn’t cheap and for best part of a year I have been more than happy with this it although now my flatmate has gone out and bought one for himself which can play WMA files I’m finding that all the (legitimately acquired) music that we get hold of is in WMA format which my poor old player can’t play. For those of you not in the know, WMA is Microsofts own standard which they hope will someday rival the compressed music format MP3 in popularity.

I wasn’t too happy that my player couldn’t read this new format so musing around on the Internet I’ve found a very useful program that is able to convert practically any music file from one format to another which is perfect for me as I can then simply select 100 tracks to convert from the WMA format to MP3 and then burn them straight onto a CD to play in my car. With many CD players and indeed portable CD players now also able to read CD’s filled with MP3’s a program such as this will be useful to more people than one would first imagine. Of course, a program like this would also be useful if you wanted to swap music files from say an Apple Mac file format to a PC file format.

To download this fantastic little program head to and once installed you will be able to convert any music file from or to the following formats: mp3, mp4, Windows Media Audio (wma), Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Monkeys Audio, FLAC and also there are many other less popular standards supported. The beauty of this program is its simplicity as once you start the program it asks you which files you want to convert then what format you wish to convert them into and at what quality then it just goes off, takes several seconds per file and then comes back to let you know when its finished.

In addition a CD-ripper is included so that you can take any disk and copy the contents onto your machine in one of the file formats given above. Please note that it is obviously only legal to rip a disk in this fashion if you actually own the CD in question and just require it stored on your machine so you can listen to it without having to have the original disk to hand.

The program is only 1.4mg in size, is free of charge and there are no complicated settings, no spyware, no adware to worry about; it really is one of those utilities that most people will probably need once in their life so why not download it and give it a try?

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