Regular reader Jean Birkett e-mailed me this week commenting on the fact that Tiscali Broadband had now put their prices down and asked me since her modem was currently trundling along at 26.4kbps was it worth her now upgrading to broadband? Although I replied to her with a simple ‘yes’ I thought that since I hadn’t touched on the subject of Broadband for a while I would elaborate on this slightly to make an entire article out of my reply.

Broadband in the UK has been catching on quite nicely over the past couple of years with exchanges being activated left, right and centre as well as the price coming down to a level that means anyone who uses the Internet on a semi-regular basis can rationalise paying it. Tiscali have been a name that have kept coming up over the past few months and as they do seem to be very competitively priced I’m going to be focusing my article on them this week but of course there are many different providers that you can choose from and of course I’d like to also state that I’m not a Tiscali customer myself so I’m not endorsing this product in any way!

Now that the disclaimer out of the way, I’ll start by mentioning the new product that Tiscali have on the market; a 150kbps service that although is only around a third of the speed of conventional broadband it is still around 3 times faster than a standard modem and weighs in at only £15.99 a month. To be honest, it’s difficult to see how so many people are still paying £15.99 for AOL Anytime which consists of a standard dial up connection when for the same price they could have 150kbps Broadband which would give them 3 times the speed and the ability to use the phone at the same time.

If the 150kpbs service isn’t fast enough for you they also have 5 times faster available at £19.99 and 10 times faster at £24.99 and all the packages above include a free modem although you do have to pay £25 set up for the package which is 5 times (256kpbs) the speed of a conventional modem.
Bizarrely they also have a 10 times faster package available at £19.99 but you’re limited to 50 hours surfing before you start paying 2p a minute although I’m not even going to rationalise this product by talking about it as it’s an utterly stupid idea; Broadband was pioneered to be always on so what a weird way to charge you.

People keep saying to me that they’ve held off buying Broadband until the price comes down but I really don’t think that you can complain when the cost of Broadband through a company such as Tiscali is now the same cost as unlimited 56k dial up through one of the major suppliers such as AOL. Think of the additional benefits such as the ability to use the phone at the same time as using the Internet and as long as you live in a broadband enabled area, you really have no excuse not to upgrade. Tiscali can be contacted by calling 0800 107 9000 or by heading to

As a Blueyonder customer myself I would like to make a comment to their marketing department (as I know they read this) that their service is now quite overpriced when faced against this tough new competition and perhaps it would be an idea to reduce their prices slightly?

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