My idea last week of starting a dating agency for virus programmers so that they have something better to do with their lives than annoying normal hardworking people had a very good response however I’m afraid that I’m going to have to put this on hold for the time due to time restraints. First, I’m sorry to bang on for yet another month about viruses; I do promise that this is the last time for a while but it still seems that many of you are becoming infected with viruses which is needless when you consider that protection is available free of charge.

At present I am receiving around 20 (twenty) viruses a day via e-mail and the reason for this is that many customers and readers are infected and as such the virus is picking my e-mail address off of their systems and e-mailing itself to me. Whilst I’m not too bothered as my virus checker picks up the suspect attachments and deletes them immediate it could soon get to the stage where essentially my customers will be e-mailing me every minute with a new virus; thanks a million!

It is for this reason that this week all people reading my article are obliged to take 5 minutes out of their Saturday afternoon to run a completely free, up to date virus check of their system online. If a virus is found then you will be able to thank me as I will have just sped up your computer, avoided you passing it along to others and removed the possibility of the virus causing data loss. If nothing is found then I do apologise for wasting 5 minutes of your time but at least you will know that you’re in the clear for now and that you are virus free. This virus checker involves no software being installed into your computer and as I said is completely free of charge; just head to and then click on the text that reads ‘Scan Now. It’s Free!’
It could take a few minutes to download the checker and the latest virus definitions that the site has to teach it and then it will ask you which locations on your computer wish to scan. Simply select your ‘C’ drive as well as any other hard disks you have in your machine, click on ‘Auto Clean’ and then click on scan. Now might be a good idea to go off and make a cup of tea or go down the pub as it will take a little while when you consider that Trend Housecall searches every file for the presence of viruses and will clean any that it may find; the process is completely automated so you are not required to sit and watch it. Even if you do have an existing virus checker on your machine then I would still recommend doing this today as the online virus checker couldn’t be more up to date and it may well detect a virus that your current checker doesn’t know of.

Ultimately the checker is free of charge, very easy to use and will only take a few minutes of your time. There is really no reason that you shouldn’t now be turning on your machine and going to the website address I gave above. If we get everyone in Torbay to do it then whoever it is with the infected machine which is sending me the NetSky virus will then know about it, remove the virus and hopefully me in peace to run my business!

Once your system is clean it may be an idea to install a new virus checker if you don’t already have an up to date one on your system. AVG ( is one of the best free ones I’ve discovered although I have reviewed this system in the past so I won’t go into details again here. If you missed this or any future articles then please head to as copies of all my work are stored on this site.

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