There comes a time in every mans life where he feels it’s about time that he got himself back into shape; for most men this urge lasts for a couple of days before the beer and fags take over and he is back at stage one but in my instance this feeling has lasted for a whole 10 days now. I remember back in my youth when I used to spend pretty much an hour a day playing squash for a period of around 3 years and I never felt run down or tired. Now if I were to have a single session on a squash court I feel that the paramedics may have to be called to carry me to the hospital.

I am lucky in the respect that I never put on weight no matter how much I eat or drink but that is besides the point; I am wanting to get myself back in to shape in order to be physically fit; not thinner. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of you are scratching your heads and wondering whether I’ve forgotten that this article is supposed to be focusing on computers and not my wish to by fit but you’d be wrong as today I plan to marry the two subjects.
As unlikely as it seems, the Internet can be a good resource for those wanting to get in shape or lose weight so today I thought I’d do a search for sites that could help all of us become that little bit more active. Whilst the majority of them were all trying to sell my slimming products there were a few gems which concentrated on the sensible notion of getting fit & slim the healthy way not by the use of products.

One such site that I’ve been having a look around is – Whilst not free the site does give you a three day free trial (no commitment and they don’t take your credit card number) so you can have a look to see if it is for you. Although more tailored towards those wanting to lose weight there is also a large amount of different articles relating to general fitness. Online you’ll find a number of resources including a goal and results planner, food planner and database, exercise database and planner as well as associated research and articles relating to exercise, eating and weight loss. For those looking to lose weight this resource could be indispensable but unfortunately the £8 a month subscription does seem a little bit steep.

Another good resource is as this contains plenty of free information including a fitness training planner, online personal trainer, quizzes, a BMI calculator and various articles relating to health and fitness. Looking through the online archive I discovered several hundred articles focussing on male and female health and fitness issues ranging from cutting down on alcohol to diagnosing and treating male pattern baldness - could be helpful to me in a few years. The site is primarily paid for by advertising which means that the resources on offer are all free of charge and therefore there is little excuse not to visit this site.

For those concentrating more towards the fitness side of things would be a worthwhile resource although it should be noted that to access the majority of the articles you have to be a subscriber of the paper based magazine to access. Rather alarmingly I clicked on the “Subscribe to Mens Health magazine” link and then clicked the back button before actually making a payment and I got all the resources for free. I’m sure this wasn’t supposed to happen and it’ll probably be fixed by the time you read this but it’s worth giving a go if you do happen to visit this site. Online there are plenty of exercise and workout plans which focus on all the major muscle groups and a large number of articles covering all areas of male health from sexual problems to calculating your cancer risk group.

To summarize, all three of the websites above are worth a look and all three of them have free of charge information available in varying degrees. At the time of writing it is now Thursday evening and I’m off for a late night swim down Torbay Leisure Centre

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